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Perfect Personality


The Devon Rex  can be characterized as a saucy, people-oriented little rascal, that loves to be where the action is.  Highly intelligent and extremely curious, they will gaily participate in any project with you.  Often the Devon Rex is ready to play and frolic, many retrieve balls and toys without any training.  It is not uncharacteristic to see them  wagging their tail when happy or engaged in play and games. The Devon Rex is a great communicator  but moderate in volume.  Often their talk is  a mixture of twittering and chirping, meant to express opinions and feelings.

Devons are certainly unique in appearance resembling  often cited as celebrity look-a-likes for "E.T.  and Yoda" of Star Wars fame. In general their descriptions can vary from elfish to almost pixie-like appearances,  but all are  beautiful animals to behold.  Devons have a medium-fine frame and a muscular body which is well covered with a wavy fur.  They are usually broad in the chest and a slender medium-long neck. When  seen from the front, the head is a modified wedge. Like any Hollywood star Devons have defining facial features, often with a strong chin and the face should be full-cheeked with prominent cheekbones. 

That Fabulous Coat Plus Shedding & Allergies 

We should all have such a coat to appear in. The Devon is well-covered with a soft, fine, full bodied fur. It is short and dense on the back, sides, tail, legs, face and ears. It is less dense on the neck, chest, head and abdomen.  When petting a Devon gentle rippling waves can be seen when one smoothes the body and tail with one's hands.

The Devon Rex is no exception to shedding hair, their exceptional traits can be seen in the quantity of hair shed.  Due to the special nature of its coat very little  hair is shed, thus reducing the amount of dander in the home environment.  Plus less clean up of hair is needed! The Devon Rex is well tolerated by allergy sufferers who might normally not be able to have a four legged pet.

Nothing compares to having a Devon Rex in your heart and home. They love children and other animals.  They actively seek out the company of people. One should not deprive oneself of the unique privilege of living life with these remarkable and loving cats.

Devon Rex cats are perfect for the pet lover who suffers from allergies. Their low allergenic "poodle-type" coat is low maintenance and sheds minimally which means that many asthma or allergy suffers who are unable to enjoy ownership of other breeds, may be able to live with a Rex. The Rex's coat is extremely low maintenance but as it does not afford the same protection as a normal coat, these cats do need to be kept warm and dry.