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About Us

In April of 1999, the last of my four household pets was very ill. It was our 17-year-old white, blue-eyed cat called Puff who was such a sweetheart. Unfortunately, she had to be put to sleep. Having a husband who was allergic to cats who now could live without an inhaler was the result. On the other hand, I couldn’t imagine my life without one or two wonderful kitties running around.

Being very interested in animals had caused me to watch Animal Planet, and it actually became part of my lifestyle. One of the programs featured Steve Bail who owned a Devon Rex cat, and I fell in love.

To my computer I went and found out how families who suffer from allergies would greatly benefit from the non-shedding, hypo-allergenic Devon Rex. I immediately began to check out breeders in my area who might be able to help me in finding and, ultimately, purchasing a Devon purely as a pet. Thankfully I found a long time breeder who had a friend in Texas who was also a breeder of these most charming, pixie-faced, gremlin-looking, little creatures.

The phone was hot and Texas was, too. After hearing about my desires B. J. Cobb, Devon breeder, had a red tabby boy available, and this got me started. Thank you, BJ! My husband flew to Houston, Texas to pick up our new baby. Since then I have generated a never-ending candle that will be always burning for these Devons.

To add to my good fortune, I connected with Nichyole Dalrymple, my very dear friend, a semi-retired Devon breeder, who introduced me to Britanya’s Cattery owned by Carol and Walt Richards. Then my good luck grew. I couldn’t believe it—the Richards were entrusting me with a kitten to show and later to breed. This kitten was named Starlite—the light of my life. (I thank you so very much, Carol and Walt!) Starlite became a Grand Champion in TICA where judges fell totally in love with her. I then decided to also show in CFA and Star became a Champion once again.

Jennifer and Starlite

I then had a growing cattery of seven Devons which really put my breeding program in gear. Thanks to my friends, I have nestled now into becoming a breeder of the most loving, alien-looking, doggie-like, angelical, soft, intelligent kitties one can be anointed with.


In Memory of Sowee
In memory of SowEE - Gone but never to be forgotten.
Gone but will never be forgotten.