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Satisfied Devon Owners

JennelRex would like to share the positive feedback our satisfied clients have shared with us. Please continue on to see how our clients are responding to the JennelRex breed.

JennelRex Devons

Below we have testimonials from some of our satisfied clients and pictures of some of our wonderful kitties in their new homes.


November 9, 2023

Here is a picture of Olga with Jennifer. Olga is a long-time client who, with her husband John, is visiting from New York to pick up her fourth kitten. Olga and Jennifer have been friends for over 16 years!



November 1, 2023

If I could have a whole house full of Jennifer’s babies I would. These aren’t just cats; they are lifelong companions. They absolutely display the most love, loyalness, and unique behaviors that you’ll never find in a normal cat. Thanks Jenn!



October 19, 2023

Pictured here with Jennifer is second-time owner Nan from Vermont holding her new kitten Francis. Nan's neighbor drove her all the way from Vermont to pick up Francis.



October 18, 2023

You are a master breeder with so much experience and knowledge!
     —Debra Dymond, veterinarian and owner of several Jenelrex retired queens and dads



September 29, 2023

Hi! Things are going great! He loves it here and he adjusted right away! We are completely obsessed with him and our camera rolls are already filled with pictures of him! We decided to call him Luffy, after an animated character that is super silly, loves to eat and is made of rubber. Which is exactly how he is. He’s jumping around and climbing everywhere!

He went to the vet yesterday and his blood work for FELV and FIV came back negative as well as his stool sample. Which I expected because you care about them so much! Thank you so much for allowing us to be his pet parents! We’re so happy with him!

Kind regards,
Natalie, Ryan & Luffy



September 29, 2023

Satisfied clients Ginger and Mark With their third Jenelrex kitten, Juno.
They couldn’t be happier!



May 13, 2023

My 12-year-old Sphynx, Riley, has lost 1.5 lbs and is becoming a lot more active, and our two new Devon kittens, Shea and Jack, are true joys. They have given us so much happiness after the passing of our beloved Jake. They are eating and drinking well, getting plenty of play time, are super inquisitive, and they always look us in the eye. My husband noted how well you raise them. They are so friendly and purr when touched. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to get these two beauties after our 14-year-old Devon was diagnosed as terminal. We were sad that we missed out on reserving two kittens from your litters, but then these two became available. It was fate! They are incredible kittens and are so loving and sweet.

The only thing I can recommend to people is to GET TWO AT THE SAME TIME! I love how little Shea and Jack play and wrestle with each other, and it helps with integrating two very active kittens with an older cat. Everything has worked out perfectly! Thank you so much for our little lovies! We feel complete. Gotta go...they’re waking up from nap time and want some lovin’! We are more than happy to give it!




April 27, 2023

[Blue is] doing really great. Slowly meeting her furry siblings. Eating really well, not interested much in the dry food but she’s eating enough of the canned food. She’s slept with us for the past few nights and did really well. We get up early for work and she’s ready to potty and have breakfast. She’s constantly purring, climbing on shoulders and using our legs to climb up. So far so good. Her kitty big brother isn’t thrilled about her yet but he’ll come around.




March 28, 2023

Hello! I hope you are doing well! I see you are very busy taking care of many kitties! They are so precious. I’m just writing you to thank you for my little baby, Chaume. She just turned one year old yesterday! We love her so much. She is beeeautiful, happy, playful, gentle, smart! and sooo lovable. Every time I see her my heart fills with love. Thank you for my little baby. We feel very blessed to have her. Thank you, thank you! I hope we get her a kitten to play with in the future!

Talk to you soon,
Anna & Win



January 17, 2023

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for making Rippley a possibility for us! He is a very exuberant kitten who is super playful and loving! He was so clearly raised in such a loving home with such special parents, human and cat! He is a little clumsy and goofy, undaunted by any slips or falls and eager to play all over! He loves everyone who comes to visit and wins them all over with his sweetness. He is most attached to me, however, and whenever possible runs into my lap! He loves to sit in my lap and play with my hoodie strings or anything nearby. He lets you sleep with him like a stuffed animal. Your photos and updates really helped me stay hopeful as I waited for him to be ready to come home, and they helped me survive the loss of my Honeybell who we got from you 13 years ago. You are wonderful and kind to work with and your kittens are brilliant and loving. Rippley charms everyone who meets him and he is almost strangely eager to please. He is doing tricks already and listens much better than our female who preceded him! I look forward to seeing all your new litters on the website and I know each new kitten will be amazing and special and brighten many families’ lives.

Thank you,
from, Esther, Roy, Rippley
and my human kids, RJ and Ilena,
who are in college and were so sad to leave Rippley!
He slept in with each of them regularly this break!



December 19, 2022

I am beyond thrilled with my kitten, Holly. She is the perfect combination of naughty and nice. I think she has springs instead of legs! She is very curious and so sweet. Loves to cuddle and purrs whenever I touch her. She was a huge hit at my vet’s office. Everyone wanted to hold her and take pictures. Thank you so much, Jennifer, for this wonderful kitten. I appreciate all the pictures and videos you sent so I could watch her grow up. I enjoyed meeting you, Jim, and your lovely adult cats. And I look forward to keeping in touch as she grows up.




December 7, 2022

Dear Jenn,

I am so happy our friend Pamela told us about you and your cattery! Our friend I believe has three of your cats, and we are the second friend who has purchased a cat from you as a referral.

Thank you for our little bundle of love! We are so happy she has joined our family. Alfo is loving, adventurous and simply adorable! We greatly appreciate the numerous updates and pictures that we received from you. The care and love you give these kittens was made abundantly clear when we met you at your home on Sunday to get Alfo. I highly suggest if someone is interested in a Devon Rex to get in touch with you!

M. Burns



November 12, 2022

Hi and good evening! I just met a woman on a flight to Aruba today who was raving about you and your cats. I’m extremely interested in adopting! I’ve had cats my whole life and this breed sounds perfect for my allergy sensitive stepkids. Do you have any upcoming litters or cats available? I’d love to add one or maybe two to my family. My husband and I live in Montgomery County, PA.

Thank you!!




July 27, 2022

Dear Jennifer,

It was nice meeting you today and your beautiful cats! It took us a little more than an hour to get home. Casper stayed in his carrier, and I petted him the entire way. He cried when we first left but quickly calmed down - thank goodness! I felt terrible while he was crying.

He’s used his litter box, but hasn’t taken a bite of his kibble nor a drink of his water...I’m sure he will soon. And he likes the window seat in my office. The dogs sniffed him and then went to another room, so I think that’s fine.

We appreciate you; it was clear how much you love and adore your Devons!

Kind regards,



July 20, 2022



June 24, 2022

Not only are these the best breed of cat to own, the family-friendly environment they start out in is nothing short of perfect. I have bought two of these from Jennifer and referred two friends that have grown to love their Devons even more!

Pamela Cullip



May 7, 2022
Hi Jennifer!

I can’t believe it’s been over 2 years since we adopted Seattle (and her son Reggie about six months before her!). I just wanted to share some recent photos with you. They’re both doing great! They are both lap cats and they both love to be cuddled. They are both so sweet and they always want to be around us. They follow us around the house and meow at us to pet them. It took Seattle some time to warm up to her son during the first month but now they cuddle together and play together all the time. We recently moved to a new house and Seattle was so excited, she explored the whole house within 15 minutes. She is so curious and loves to get into everything.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Diane Klapatch



May 1, 2022

Hey Jen. Good to hear from you. ... Diva is doing great, although I find myself calling her ‘kitty’ mostly. She is very active and never runs out of ways to keep herself busy. She follows me everywhere and likes to dart in front of my feet when I go down the steps. I got her fixed less than a week ago and it hasn’t slowed her down at all.




December 30, 2021
Melissa and her daughter getting ready to go to their new home with their new JennelRex solid chocolate kitten out of Shallmar’s litter.



September 4, 2021

Hope you are well. Wanted to send you some updated pictures of Bengi. He’s still adorable, curious and cuddly. Wanting to spend as much time as possible nuzzled with us. He’s also learned how to play fetch with his toys and knows how to turn light switches off and on depending whether it’s time to sleep or play. We swear he’s also consistently trying to figure out how to walk on the ceiling.

I also wanted to reach out and offer to send you the Instict Venison that we have that he’s no longer interested in eating. We have 6 cardboard flats of 12 and two unopened cans good through 2023. We also have 24 containers of the Purely Fancy Feast Flaked Skipjack Tuna good through 1/23. He ate for a little while but now shuns. I appreciate how tough it is to find things without chicken products in them, and if you could use will send it out UPS ground this week.

He’s in a great routine and is still on the same dry food with an auto feeder, Earthborn Holistics Riptide Zing Tuna Dinner in Gravy and then freeze dried Ahi tuna bites for snacks. His absolute favorite though is his morning Sheba tuna meat stick.

Thank you again for blessings us with our little Bengi. Let me know if you would like me to send the food to you.
~ Jen Lake



August 17, 2021

Hi Jennifer,

I was wondering about your kittens, I know things were touch and go. I hope they improve.

Little Blue is doing amazing. She is full of personality, sassy and funny. She is eating, litterbox and PLAYING :)

Hugs on the kittens!



July 19, 2021
Good Afternoon Jennifer, Now that Shallmar’s little boy has been home with us for about 48 hours, I wanted to give you another update. He is eating and using the litter box with no issues. Boy does he like to eat! He’s very sweet and playful and purrs as soon as anyone goes into the room with him. We’re keeping him in our guest room for a couple more days while he gets used to the change and then will slowly let him into the rest of the house. Our almost one year old girl Devon (also from Shallmars) …. is not very happy to have a little brother. She put her ears back, fluffed her tail, hissed and growled as soon as she saw him. She seemed very scared of him, but is slowly getting used to his scent and is curious when we go in and out of his room. I’m sure they’ll warm up to each other or they’ll learn to avoid each other. Thank you, again, for everything. We’re so happy to have both cats and can’t imagine our life without them. ~ Becky



March 25, 2021
Romeo tattoo from Mamma bird



January 2, 2021

Hi Jennifer, Hoping you all had wonderful holidays. We did a road trip to be in a bubble with my sister, 5 yr old niece and bro in law in CA. Bengi did great on the ride, having a kindergartener around and only annoyance was when we kept trying to dress him up. He also enjoyed the wrapping paper from his first gift from Santa. Here are some fun pictures for you both to enjoy.

Jennifer Lake



December 19, 2020
Hi! Leo is almost 3 and we’re ready for a 2nd Devon Rex. Any litters coming soon? Thank you, Jennifer!

Jen Metz



December 18, 2020
Ginger Grieco's JennelRex Mojo enjoying his moments at the fire place as if to say 'boy is this comfortable'!



December 8, 2020
Hi Jennifer
What can I say, our Luna is such a Joy. Her personality has come out fully loaded and she is a speeding bullet. She has grown and she look so sleek and elegant. She has 2 kids and myself to play with and a slew of toys that by no means ever end. My husband has also join in the chasing her around the house, for which she encourages you to chase her and she chases you back.

She has learned to communicate, asking for food, meowing at her food bowl, meows when her kitty litter room door is closed, chirps at the loss of a toy, indicating she wants you to find it and throw it so she can run after it. She also sits in a little tower next to the window when her blanky is not there she stand on the tower unsettled, looking for someone to put a little blanky there. If the windows are closed she touches it with her paw to tell you to open them.

With me, she at times, seems to think that I am her mom. She takes long naps on my belly and her little paws are wraps or placed on my chest, she only does it with me. Spend lots of time with me at times, with the kids she loves spending her sleeping hours int heir room whilst they do school work. I am so sorry for the long email, but there is so much to say about her is amazing. Here is a few pics of this morning,
Enjoy, Berenice



November 28, 2020
The Cooper girls enjoy their Thanksgiving!



November 17, 2020


Hope you and your husband are doing well. We wanted to thank you again for such an amazing kitten. Bengi is doing well and has become an integral part of our family. He is definitely Maddie’s little boy and enjoys virtual school, watching videos, snuggling and playing. Our friends have commented how friendly and adorable he is, and our Vet tech fights over who gets to work with him. We’re truly grateful for you and Bengi.

The Lake Family



October 18, 2020

Another JennelRex kitten in his new forever home looking so happy and about to spend the rest of his life with the Millers.



October 16, 2020


Thank you so much. We are home with our new boy and he is acclimating. So far he’s not a fan of dogs, but he’s holding his own. Adorably. We think his name will be Ziggy. Here he is with his Daddy! He won’t replace Motley, but he’ll bring us joy!! Thank you again!




October 15, 2020

The Millers and their 3rd JennelRex kitten!



October 4, 2020

Hi Jennifer,
Hope you remember us. Tinker bell turned 13 and just had her fall grooming. We got her for our granddaughter when Rylee was 4, she is now 17. Tinkerbell is still sassy and oh so cute!! Hope all is well with you. Sending hugs to you and the kitties!!

Best, Donna Vance



September 21, 2020

Hi Jennifer - Hope you, your husband and all the cats are doing well. I wanted to give you a little update and let you know that “Tag” has been such a joy. I attached some current photos. He is doing wonderfully and the whole family adores him. We have cc’d our dear friend Michi as they are considering a Devon Rex and I couldn’t say enough about you.

Take care, xDi Quon



September 14, 2020

We are so glad that we came across JennelRex Cattery! Jennifer has been great to work with and loves every single one of her cats and kittens. She was kind enough to allow my family to come see her cats and we were immediately comfortable working with her. We LOVE our new Devon Rex kitten. I couldn't have asked for a better breeder/ customer relationship! Thank you!

Janna Good



August 28, 2020

Jennifer, breeder of JennelRex Cattery saying hello as she plays with her kittens in the kitten room.



August 24, 2020


We really want a boy from Shallmar. I know it’s crazy but we just love the idea of it being Echo’s true brother. And we would love a crazy little unique looking guy if there is one.

Devon Kopcho



July 31, 2020

Another happy Devon Rex.



July 28, 2020

Can’t wait for another Angel from you! ❤

Ginger Grieco



July 20, 2020

Hi Jennifer!
Things are great! We love Quentin so much and are so happy to have him here with us. He loves following us around and playing wherever we are, and is also a great snuggler. He's really just the perfect cat for us! It's already hard to imagine life without him.
Thank you again!




July 14, 2020

Dear Jennifer
Get some rest!! I worry about YOU! I hope you realize how much joy you have given all of us cat lovers! I have never met anyone who loves cats as much as we do—you are number one! It’s sooo nice to be able to talk about how much we love our kitties without having someone think we’re crazy! We had a little girl here today—she’s 6. A neighbor. She asked if she could come in to meet the kitties... She LOVES Turbo! I’m sure she’s driving her parents crazy tonight... I truly love your sharing your litters with me! They are precious. Love them all! And, above this, it’s YOU that makes this so special!
Thank you for being my friend! It makes me proud to know you! Give all the babies a hug for me! Take care of YOU. You’re one of a kind! Love you!

Ginger Grieco



July 3, 2020
New owners picking up their new JennelRex kitten.



June 27, 2020

I’ll bet you get soooo many notes from people on how much they adore their kitties!!! Mark thinks Turbo is ‘show quality.’ I think everyone feels like this about their kitty! You’re the best!😻

Ginger Grieco



May 29, 2020

I've wanted a cat for as long as I can remember, but found out at a young age that I was allergic. When I'm in a home with cats for more than a few minutes I have a severe allergy attack starting with sneezing and leading to my eyes being swelled shut. My son also really wanted a cat, so I began to investigate hypoallergenic breeds. The second I saw a Devon Rex I knew it was for us. JennelRex was the closest breeder to us and was about 3 hours away. Jenny and I exchanged emails and spoke on the phone. She was so helpful and patient with my millions of questions. I even spoke to her husband who is also allergic. They were kind enough to invite us to their home for a trial run to test my allergies. While there we were able to meet all of the cats and even see some brand new babies. We left that day not knowing how we would possibly make it through the next few months until our baby was born and ready to come home. Jenny sent us pictures and vidoes and kept us constantly updated. Our baby Echo came home with us on April 21, 2020 and our lives are forever changed. I never thought that I would be so attached to this little guy, but he sleeps with me every night and every chance I get I'm snuggling and kissing his tiny little head. We've had him to the Vet and he is perfectly healthy and growing. I can barely remember our home without his little feet running around. We will forever be grateful to Jenny for bringing this baby into our family.

The Kopcho Family
Mount Pleasant, PA



April 30, 2020

When we walked into Jennifer’s home, yes HOME, we were greeted by seven Devon Queens and the Royal Queen Angel, Jennifer! If you love Devons (who doesn’t?), your Devon will be Angel sent! My kitten is amazing!!❤

Ginger Grieco



April 30, 2020
Hi Jennifer
Little Luna has the most beautiful markings on her fur. She is super playful, has loads of energy and she wants to be flooded with love and attention! She is the perfect addition to my family. Thank you for breeding such beautiful, healthy and happy cats! Luna is the 4th Devon Rex we’ve gotten through you, and they have all been the most wonderful family members. They are all such sweet, loving cats!
Thank you again! (Luna thanks you, too ❤)

Love, Lauren



April 23, 2020

Hi Jennifer

I’m at the Vet with MarkE. She is getting her shots. She is doing wonderful. She has grown so much. She is such a love bug. I don’t know what I ever did without her. She is so special. Thank you for needing her. How are you and Jimmy doing? How are the rest of the kittens and cats?

Hugs, Lori



April 21, 2020
Hi Jennifer
Made it home—totally in love with him!! Held him the whole way home!
He’s going to do just fine here!! He’s bold and beautiful!!?? Thank you again! I often work down your way... Don’t be surprised if I stop in to visit! Wish this virus would go away. You have the best cat house ever!??




April 19, 2020

Hi Jennifer
I sent you some other pics last week of our new baby but thought you’d like to see that tonight this happened.... 1st time the two of them curled up together for evening siesta. She is such a sweet and curious little girl, we just adore her. Thank you so very much ❤
Louann and Rod



March 15, 2020

Aaaw I hope it goes smoothly for Stacee but I’m so glad the little ones are ok in there. You’re such a good person the way you take care of them and do what’s best. I’m so glad you came into my life 😘

Devon Kopcho



March 14, 2020

Omg Jennifer! How damn cute is he? No wonder you wanted to keep him. He’s beautiful. Thank you so much for taking care of him. We can see how much you love those babies and raising them with all the kindness and love you have to give. Thank for bringing such joy into so many people’s lives, including ours. Please take care of yourself and hopefully we’ll see you soon. Lots of love and hugs!!

Jacky and Lyndsey



February 26, 2020

Thank you so much for letting me hold my precious little girl. I didn't want to handle her too much. She is so tiny and so beautiful. I just love her. You take such good care of all your cats and kittens. I don't think I ever saw so many happy and sweet cats. I loved them all. Would it be possible to visit again in another 4 weeks?

Hugs, Lori



December 16, 2019

Hi Jennifer
Was thinking of you so i thought I would check in and see how you are doing. I hope all is good and the kitties are all doing well!!! My Kira will be 4 this January! I can't believe it!! She is my precious little baby, I LOVE HER SOOOOOOO MUCH!! When I'm not with her I think about her the whole time, can't wait to get home and cuddle with her. thank you so much again for bringing her into my life. Im so blessed to have met you and have you as Kira's first Mommy. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!!

Bernice Connor



November 3, 2019

Hi Jennifer
Hope you’re doing well. Here’s a few pics of our awesome Phoebe girl!! She’s just the best. Everyone loves her as soon as they meet her. She’s beautiful but also has such a fun and outgoing personality. My girls love her, especially my little one. She’s quite the snuggler. We are so happy to have found her (and you)

Amy Herhei



October 11, 2019

Hi Jennifer!!
Wanted to give you an update since it’s been about a week with Luna (black female girl) She is doing so wonderfully and adapted very quickly after that first day. Her eyes have cleared up and she eats like a champ!! She and Millie have become the best playmates and Millie loves to groom her. They can often be found sleeping together too. Here are some photos! She is already fitting in so well.
Thanks so much!! Hugs



September 23, 2019
Baxter Wins Award
Hello Jennifer:
I just wanted to say Hello and let you know all is well with our kitten, Baxter. In fact, Baxter was voted Pet of the Month in August at our Veterinarian’s office. I attached the winning picture. He was laying in the green camoflauge blanket you gave us the day we picked him up. Additionally, CJ is doing well. He will be 15 years old next week.Hope all is well,

Joe & Michelle Sewter
Newtown, PA.



September 21, 2019
Pick Up Day
Nina, Judy, Bruce and Maria with their new Devon Rex kittens



August 30, 2019

This is Shayna with her new mommy and daddy along with her litter sister Stella, out of Sugar x Sawyer

Here is our little family! Shayna is a wonderful kitty
~Sarah Lynn~



August 8, 2019

Hi Jennifer!

We wanted to give you an update on Boo and Mina, now that they are a year old today! We brought them home last October and they have both grown into the most loving and quirky cats ever. Mina enjoys sleeping on my pillow by my face every night with her head tucked under my chin, and Boo will play fetch with a toy mouse for hours with John. I managed to get the two attached pictures, the first a week after we brought them home and the second from just a few weeks ago. We couldn't be happier!

Jen and John



July 4, 2019

Hi Jennifer,
Happy 4th of July. I wanted to drop a quick note to tell you how much we love our girl Phoebe!! She’s fun, funny and quite a snuggler. She loves my two kiddos and tolerates their attention and love. We just got her a fountain since she’s always drinking from the sink.

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!
Amy Herhei & family



July 2, 2019

Hello & Good Evening Jennifer:

It was good to see you the other day. We really enjoyed our visit and loved being with all the cats. Baxter is doing well and getting to know his way around the house. He is getting along with CJ fine. Sometimes when CJ is sleeping and Baxter wants to play, CJ will hiss when Baxter wakes him up and then goes back to sleep. Baxter runs and plays with his toys most of the time his is awake. We placed the blanket you gave us in his bed and he has been sleeping in it all the time. We did go the the Vet today and all is well. We scheduled his next round of vaccinations. I will keep you update on his progress.

Thank you for everything,



June 24, 2019

Thank you so much for filling our hearts with such love! Remington (Scooter) is adorable. He is all over the place and loves his naps! He is eating well, and he loves to be held, walk with us on our shoulders and he climbs very well! He chose the bigger, top loaded litter box and gets in and out fine! He is such a blessing!!! Once again, you did so well matching us with the perfect baby! He slept with us all night and keeps us entertained!

Ellen Noel



June 18, 2019

Hi there!
We purchased our baby from you about 5 years ago and she’s doing great.

We wanted to know if you get the kittens tested for FELV because we are considering adopting another cat and the rescue wants to know if this one has been tested. I can’t find the paperwork from 2014 because we moved and it’s probably in storage somewhere. Thank you in advance!
~ Kate

June 18, 2019

Hi again! Haha
Nevermind on the last email! I got her records from the Vet. In 2014 and she’s been tested / negative and still perfectly healthy today!
~ Kate



December 18, 2018

Dear Jennifer,

My mom and I wanted to wish you and your husband a wonderful and blessed Christmas season. We hope everything is going well with you and your little furry family. We are enjoying Milly every day! She is a purrrfect companion for mom, basically follows her everywhere and keeps her excellent company. She is everything we hoped for and more. We would love to come and visit you some day maybe in the spring. But until then, take care of yourselves and have a beautiful holiday season filled with every blessing from God.

Margaret and Nicky Snyder from Shrewsbury



December 13, 2018

Kira owned by Bernice



November 22, 2018

I wanted to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. Binx is doing absolutely fantastic he is the best little brother for my Bodhi. They have become so attached it is such a joy to see them together so happy !!!! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to adopt Binx he has brought us nothing but joy !!
- Missy



November 22, 2018


On this Thanksgiving, I wanted to tell you how thankful I am for Raven. She is beautiful!




November 18, 2018

Sandy Schluep from Ohio with her new JennelRex kitten.



November 14, 2018

Hi Jennifer,

Hope you and your family are doing well. We wanted to share an update and some photos. We named the girl Stitch and the boy Sufjan (pronounced Soof-yan). They are both doing great! Stitch is now over 4 pounds and Sufjan is over 5 pounds. Sufjan loves to play with the spring toy you gave us and we got him more springs. Stitch loves to hang out in the cat tree hammock. Both of them love to be on our laps and cuddle with us. They play and sleep with each other all day.

We love them both very much. The four of us are a little family. They’re very affectionate and we love spending time with them. We’ve attached some photos and we’re sending more in a separate email. We’re so happy that we have both of them in our lives!

John-Chris and Sachi



November 2, 2018

We are one week in with our Phoebe girl. She’s quite the talker. She’s started exploring the house and today was riding around the shoulder of the woman from our cleaning service. She likes to make friends! She’s not skittish around the kids and is chatting them up. My daughter is always wanting to know what she’s saying. This weekend we are going to keep her in the main house with us and see how she does!

Amy Herhei



October 29, 2018

Hi Jennifer

Rocket became part of my family almost instantly! He is such a joy and so athletic! I was worried that my dog Gypsy would not warm up right away, but as you see, they quickly formed a bond. So happy! Thank you so much!




October 29, 2018

JennelRex owner, Jennifer and new client Sandy with her new JennelRex kitten



October 26, 2018

Hi Jennifer

Raven is doing extremely well. Her skin problem has cleared up with a few shampoo baths and her coat is coming in more. She is best of friends with our pug, Jinx.




October 26, 2018

We love her! My daughters are so in love!! She was talking to my older daughter who kept asking me “what’s she saying Mommy?”

She’s eating really well, using the litter, sleeping and cuddling but also exploring in between. Already following me around. (When she’s not snoozing, I forgot how much kittens sleep!)

We can’t get over how tiny she is. She’s been snuggling in this Sherpa baby blanket. She’s perfect. My heart is full.

Amy Herhei



October 9, 2018

Lyndsey and Jacky taking home their new torte JennelRex kitten to join their other babies.



October 4, 2018

Dawn Pisanchyn and family picking up their new JennelRex kitten.



September 28, 2018

Hi Jennifer

Thinking of you today as more kitties go to their forever homes! Hope that all goes well. Thanks again for Millie. She has adjusted so quickly. She follows me everywhere, loves her wet food, playing and cuddles. She discovered the window today and had fun watching the birds! She also likes to play on my desk while I’m working.




September 10, 2018

Hi Jennifer

A quick note to say thank you for letting me visit today. It was wonderful to meet you and your sweet cats! I’m feeling so lucky and blessed to be bringing one home in a few weeks. As discussed I’m planning to come back up on 10/4 or 10/5 to get our girl. I hope all goes well at the upcoming vet visits. Here is a photo from today (although I think this may be sister, haha)

Amy Herhei



August 30, 2018

Hi Jennifer,

Came across this pic today of our babies. My sweet Garbo on the left who passed away. Look how handsome your boys are? They loved their grandma Garbo.

Lyndsey Watts



August 23, 2018

Hi Jennifer,

We attached a photo of the kitties. We love them so much! Hope all is well.

Sachi and John-Chris



August 18, 2018

Hi Jennifer! They napped the entire car ride and they had a wonderful first day exploring their new home. They are eating a lot - both their wet food and dry food - and using their new litter box. They’re perching on our shoulders and we’re giving them a lot of affection. After playtime in the evening, they slept in their bed all night in our bedroom. This morning they both hopped in our bed and went back to sleep with us for another hour. We’re very happy!

John-Christopher Record



July 21, 2018

Jayme, Kyle and Cheesebro



July 20, 2018

Hi Jennifer,
“Stella” has adjusted super well! She was only timid for about 5 Minutes and then instantly opened up. She is eating, drinking, and using the litter box easily, as well as playing and cuddling (and she has a non-stop purr)! She truly has a perfect personality! We are very happy with her. I will send pictures soon!
Thank you!



July 19, 2018

Hi Jennifer
2 years ago I stumbled on your website in search for a kitten or cat up for adoption. And on there was 1 year old Oliver. I know his former owner got him as a kitten from you. I wanted to let you know he’s doing very well and we absolutely adore him!! He was clearly well loved before we got him and we are so thankful we received him. He’s very playful, mischievous, and a loving kitty. Thank you for connecting us to his former owner.

Alison B



June 21, 2018

Hi- apologies for the follow up email. I also meant to add that having purchased two kittens from you previously, I know how amazing your kittens are and I do not want to go anywhere else. You really do a fantastic job breeding and socializing them. ~ Matt Ruble



June 17, 2018

It has been a year since we brought Queenie home. Figured it has been awhile since I sent a new picture and this would be the perfect time. Queenie loves flipping over the rug by the door - makes it difficult to get inside some days. ~ Mercedes



June 9, 2018

New JennelRex owners, Cody and Allison with their new kitten.



June 3, 2018

The kitties are doing great! They have settled in wonderfully and are so funny. We are in love with them! It was wonderful meeting you and thank you for these beautiful babies. They are currently cuddled up against my daughter who is smitten.




June 1, 2018

Hey Jennifer, it’s been about 4 years since we got Emma from you and she’s doing great! I was just thinking about you and wanted to send you a pic and say thank you again.




May 13, 2018


Hi! We came and picked up the little black and white kitten 'Momo' this past November and have been so unbelievably happy with him as an addition to our family! He’s so social, talkative and sweet. He loves to play fetch and sit on our shoulders or just be carried around like the little prince he is!
We are considering a getting another little boy as a brother for him, and would of course love another one of your kitties. I looked through some of the notes from satisfied owners on your page, and it looks like other families have had good luck bringing another Devon into the family, but I wanted to see if you had any advice on that. Momo is 8 months old now, and we are wondering if it would be better to introduce the new kitten as soon as possible, or if it is ok to wait- and of course, ask about new litters you have coming up!
Thanks so much, and here are some pictures of Momo loving his new house with lots of places to explore!




April 10, 2018

Hi Jennifer,

We just wanted to check in with you and share pictures of Pacino and Duchess. They get along great and we couldn’t be happier. Both sleep in bed with us every night. Thank you so much for our little additions!

Lisa & Sean Corsaro



April 3, 2018

Jen Metz and her new JennelRex kitten
Jen Metz and her new JennelRex kitten.



April 2, 2018

Zipp family from Virginia and their new JennelRex kitten.

Zipp family from Virginia and their new JennelRex kitten.



March 31, 2018

Family picking up their new JennelRex kitten.

Sherman family picking up their new JennelRex kitten.



March 8, 2018

My grandson Jayson and his new JennelRex kitten Noelle

My grandson Jayson and his new JennelRex kitten Noelle



February 26, 2018

Minerva McGonagall

Hi Jennifer,

We are just loving our new addition and she’s really warming up to us! She immediately took to playing games and this morning we caught her snuggling with us in Giselle’s arms. She’s got big stretches and is a great eater. She is not shy at all anymore and looking forward to exploring more rooms as soon as she’s ready 🤓. We’ve named her Minerva McGonagall after our favorite Harry Potter Character: smart and cunning. Attached are a few videos and 2 photos of her.

Thank you,



January 29, 2018

Hi Jennifer,

 It was great meeting you and your extended family on Saturday! I know Brett has been keeping you up to date but I wanted to send a couple of pictures of Samantha with Allie. We are having such a great time with her! She is absolutely precious. We are so happy to have her as part of our family!




January 23, 2018

beloved "Rex"


I have a nephew of mine who is very interested in purchasing a "Devon Rex" breed cat. Since I have been very happy with mine which I purchased from you almost 11yrs ago wanted to make sure you are still in the business. It looks like you are but just wanted to confirm. Attached pic of our beloved "Rex".

Pedro Peguero



January 19, 2018


Hi Jennifer!
Just wanted to say hello!! Been thinking of you and hoping all is good! How are the kitties?? Attached is a new pic of Kira that I had to send you she is such a beautiful little girl and she is my best friend. She really is amazing and I am so blessed to have her.
Love you xoxoxo




December 29, 2017

Hi Jennifer,
Abby is really enjoying her first Christmas. Where else could she find a tree complete with things that hang & are great for playing with! It's so much fun that she even climbs in the tree to get them. Yikes!!! Now you get to play "Find the Kitty". In each of the pictures below see if you can find the kitty in the branches. Good luck!!!! Gotta love this little girl!!!
Happy New Year!!

Can u find the cat in the Xmas tree? Can u find the cat in the Xmas tree?

Can u find the cat in the Xmas tree?



December 4, 2017


Hi Jennifer!
I hope you and your husband are continuing to improve and feel better each day. I wanted to thank you for giving me a new best friend! Thanks to you and your wonderful cats I have a new love in my life. Dobby is so sweet and affectionate-he sleeps with me every night and is so much fun to watch. He is a character and demands to be part of everything. I will send you some pictures when I get him to stay still for one.Once again I couldn't be happier with my new boy. I hope you and your husband have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!



November 27, 2017


Hi Jennifer!

We picked up the black and white kitty from you yesterday. We named him Momo. He did great his first day! Playing and sniffing and cuddling and eating and using the litter box just fine. We wanted to email so we could send a few pictures! We love him very much, and are so happy to have him home! Thank you!! We will let you know if we have any questions that come up, thank you for being available to make sure he is happy and healthy!




November 7, 2017

Milly Beauty


Isn't she gorgeous?! Hope you all are doing well!
We are doing well thank you! So happy to hear that you and Jim are improving. Hopefully you'll both be in fine shape for the holidays!
Of course you may put Milly up on the website. Share the glory😻 She's recovering from getting spayed. Still wearing the cone and hates it but she's really a good sport about it all. She has a perfectly lovely personality.

We are very thankful to have her in our home!

Nicky Snyder



October 10, 2017


I wanted to let you know that I am happy and doing great! I am now 3 pounds and am healthy. I love my new mom. I am with her all the time when she is home. I like playing with the toys that are big enough to grab on to. Not really a fetcher. I am getting along with my sisters but still trying to figure my brother out. I love to travel. We have been going to Pa. to visit Grammy and Gramps. I get in my travel house and sleep all the way. Mom let me out to explore when we took a break. They have a dog that is sill trying to figure me out but I have no problem with him. I hope you are feeling better.
Wesley Stone (Marcellyn)



September 14, 2017

Sugar x Smokee kitten

Owned by Sarah and Faith



June 24, 2017

Dear Jennifer,

Here is Sunshine, all grown up. I believe we were blessed with her in 2012, which makes her about 5 years old.

In the time we have had her, Sunshine has chosen her owner. She has been sleeping with, cuddling with and saving all her loving purrs mostly for my 12 year old daughter. When my daughter calls Sunshine, Sunshine comes running and meows back to her in response. It's adorable.

Thank you for our Sunshine!

Becky and Bob



June 24, 2017

Hi Jennifer,

Well you did it again! This baby is wonderful. She's perfect!! We named her Abby. For two days Milo didn't want anything to do with her, but on the third day he began to follow her. By Wed they were together in the hammock(picture) & now they are together & grooming each other. Abby is so playful & making us laugh. She was never strange nor did she cry. She slept with me the first night. I am so glad u chose her for me.

I didn't realize that u had just lost Shalimar. I thought it was sometime during the year until Brett told me that Jim had told him. I am so sorry.




June 23, 2017


Alex and her second Jennel Rex kitten.



June 19, 2017



I highly doubt you have ever had a more spoiled, loved kitten! Ignore my pajama pants! He is constantly cuddling up on all of us. He has the BEST personality! He trusts us 100% & loves when we pick him up. As soon as we pick him up, he purrs. He follows me around the house & just wants to be held & loved on & we gladly give him that.




June 19, 2017


Hi Jennifer

We got home and he is doing great. He was totally different from Chloe. He is very brave, confident, and affectionate. He peed in his box immediately and ate dinner. (Chloe hid and wouldn't eat for the first day.)

Chloe on the other hand is hiding on her window perch and hissing when we go near her. I think she is confused. I am hoping she come around by the weekend.

Thank you so much for raising him so well. This is one confident little man!




June 16, 2017

 Dear Jennifer,

I’m so sorry to hear Shalimar died. I hope the thought that you gave her such a wonderful pampered life comforts you. It sounds like you have had a lot of loss in your life, but you have stayed strong and give back a lot of love and compassion to others. I wish there was something we could do for you but be assured we will keep you in our prayers that God will give you comfort, peace, and joy in your ongoing work.

Love Nicky and Margaret



June 8, 2017

Zielinsky family at JennelRex Cattery picking up their new Devon Rex kitten.



May 27, 2017


Thanks so much for allowing our family to visit today. We all had such a wonderful time. It was so obvious how much you love all the cats and kittens! And they are all adorable! We were so hoping to be allergy free, but our youngest sadly broke out in hives during lunch and his eyes were all red and puffy, so it looks like a Devon won't be in our future. Better to know now, but so hard to accept. Even though we won't be able to have a Devon of our own, I thought you'd enjoy some pictures of the kids loving the cats and kittens.

Thanks again!



May 25, 2017

Maggie and Millie



May 22, 2017

Your words are beautiful and the feeling is mutual. You beam love and care towards each one of your babies! We are so excited to have found you and our new family addition! Jim too made us feel so welcomed. We will keep in touch please hug "Baby Boy" gently for us and I will take pictures to share with you when I go to the shelter Wednesday!

Be well!
Laure (Karl and Jessica)



May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day Jennifer! Thank you for giving me this crazy, mischievous, loving baby boy! He has changed my life in more than so many ways and I can't wait to have our second here with us. Looking forward to more pictures of the baby to come! We've decided to name him Midnight so we can have Mischief & Midnight - M&M!!




May 10, 2017


He is such a gorgeous little boy. You are such a great breeder. You take your time, love, and effort with each kitten and it shows!.

Your friend,



May 8, 2017

Thank you so much for having us to your wonderful home. The cats are so sweet and charming. I think they learned that from you.
Please reach out to me if you need more Internet or other help.

Your friend,



May 5, 2017

Hi Jennifer!

Long time no talk. I hope you are doing well and all the kitties are doing well too. I can't believe I well have Kira for 1 year in a couple of weeks. Feels like I've had her my entire life. She is truly the most wonderful, playful, intelligent and amazing little girl! I'm so lucky to have her! I hope to hear from you soon and hope you have a great weekend!




April 22, 2017


Thank you for allowing us in to your home to meet your cats & to meet you. Your babies are absolutely gorgeous!!! Pictures don't do justice to their beauty. You have proven to me that you legitimately care about your customers & the health & well being of your cats. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to work with me & to give me all the time & information that you have so graciously provided. I feel even more excited about bringing home a kitten from you than ever!




April 15, 2017


We wanted to send you a picture of Panzer with his little peep toy! He's in the easter holiday spirit for sure! He's doing wonderfully and loving his new home.

Happy Easter!
Alyson, Cody, and Panzer



April 9, 2017

Hi Jennifer!

Greetings from Ohio! I wanted to send an updated picture of our adorable Penelope-- she is growing so fast. We love her silly, sweet personality. She's very talkative and like to carry her favorite toys around the house.

Best wishes,



April 2, 2017

Jackie and Lyndsey from MD picking up their new JennelRex kitten!



April 1, 2017

Hi Jennifer!

The babies are doing great!! Phenomenal personalities--they basically follow us wherever we go! They have settled-in wonderfully....using the litter box, without any accidents, and are eating and drinking well👍👍. Below are a few pictures of "Winston" and "Izzy."

Scott & Donna



March 29, 2017

He is adjusting wonderfully! The personality is out full bloom and boy, is he a little ham! He doesn't necessarily always have to be played with but loves just having you in the room with him.

Thank you again!
Alyson & Cody



March 26, 2017

The kittens have settled in perfectly! Very social and both are Purr Machines! Once again, thanks for everything. We will stay in touch and send more pictures.

Scott & Donna



March 22, 2017

I am anxiously awaiting to hear about the arrival of Summer's babies coming very soon. In the meantime I have to share the love I have for this boy. He fills my heart more each day.

Jennifer Johnson



March 14, 2017

Rachel, Austin and Rupert!



February 11, 2017

Yes, Susie is definitely mommy's' cat. I always tell her mommy Olga and mommy Jennifer love her. Nigel is my husband's boy - this is a picture from this morning!



February 11, 2017


Thanks for your hospitality and taking the time to visit with us this afternoon. Our babies are AWESOME!!   One again, many thanks...

Scott & Donna Lambrecht



January 23, 2017

Hi Jennifer,

I am so saddened to read about Stacee's babies. I have to be honest I read your email and began to cry. Just so sad. I look at Kira's face everyday and Thank God for bringing her into my life so I can only imagine how you must feel when every baby born is your baby and to lose one is just so awful. I know you are doing everything right you are wonderful breeder with such a huge heart. What you have done for so many babies and their families speaks volumes of the devotion and love you give to every birth. Please continue to do all that you do you are truly amazing!

My Kira turned 1 yesterday and I spoiled her with many gifts and treats. Just know that what you have done for me has changed my life as you have changed so many others lives. You are truly a gift to so many!!

Bernice Connor



January 22, 2017

Tessa Birthday Cake

We celebrated Tessa's birthday today. I think half of the little kids in our neighborhood came by. Everyone loves her. She is still 100% healthy. We don't need to do anything special with her. She is a cuddler. Tessa has not gone into heat so maybe that's not going to be a problem.
Thank you so much for Tessa. She's awesome.

Michelle and Brandon



January 11, 2017


We're interested in another Devon Rex kitten. We bought two from you around 14 years ago (they are both still doing well - living with my ex).

Thank you,



January 10, 2017

Very excited! I keep hoping a little black female kitten is born. That little kitten named Penelope that was in Chloe's litter and is on your satisfied owners page is just precious. But I'm not picky, I'm just excited for Chloe to have a sibling... this is a pic from this afternoon. She likes to sit on my shoulder when I get ready to go out! Sits all pretty like kitty model.




December 29, 2016

Hi Jennifer,

Mom and I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely visit yesterday. Your Devons are so beautiful and we can hardly wait to bring our own little one home!! And thanks for the cute toys; a perfect reminder of happy days to come:) So thankful that Jim is doing well, too!

Take care and we will keep in touch!
NIcky and Margaret

PS Again I had no allergic reaction whatsoever, so YAY!!!



December 28, 2016

Kayrn from Ohio with her new JennelRex kitten.



December 28, 2016

A JennelRex kitty celebrating another birthday.



December 28, 2016

Lorraine and hubby in Louisiana with their 10 year old JennelRex kitty



December 26, 2016

SowEE and Starlite
Retired JennelRex kittys in their new home in R.I with their new
mommy Carolyn and their already Devon Rex pet friendly Gracie.



November 4, 2016

Hi Jennifer,

Just wanted to give you an update on our gorgeous Luna. It's hard to believe she is 4 months old. She is so fun and loving. She greets us at the door every day and loves to play with her toys. She carries them around the house and finds different hiding places for them. She also enjoys sitting on my husband's shoulder and watching him cook. At night she sleeps between us, sometimes under the covers! She has been eating well and is growing so fast.

Thank you again for our sweet Luna! You are a wonderful breeder and we're so grateful for the opportunity to give Luna a forever home. I've attached some recent pictures.

Love and hugs,
Amanda, Adam, and Luna




November 4, 2016

Hi Jennifer!
Hope all is well!! I think about you often and I wanted to check in to see how you and all the kitties are doing!! Me and Kira are having a ball!! She is so amazing. She has filled my life with so much happiness and love and I can't believe I've only had her for 6 months. I love her so much!! I have attached a picture of her in her new favorite spot, who would have ever thought a sink would be somewhere she likes to relax lol! Thank you again!!!

I hope to hear from you soon!
xoxo Bernice




October 30, 2016

Hi Jennifer!
Can you believe Tonka is one year old already? October 28th this sweet little man had his first birthday with us. He is so lovable and smart. Likes to play fetch and loves plastic bottle caps! Carries them around and throws them for himself to play with. He has grown so much! Loves to eat and nap of course. He has been such a blessing to us. I never thought we'd find a breed that my husband could tolerate with his allergies but he does pretty good with him. His fur is so soft and he is quite the talker! Just wanted to let you know he's doing well and couldn't be more loved, hope all is well with you guys and all the fur babies. Thank you so much for our sweet little Tonka!

Much love,




September 20, 2016

PenelopeMy husband and I are thrilled with our beautiful kitten from Jenelrex. Penelope is playful, affectionate, and friendly. She loves to snuggle and to play with us, our friends and family, and even with our Pomeranian. She’s never far from our side, whether she’s rifling through the kitchen for snacks, chasing her toys in the living room, or nestled up in our laps. We were excited that Penelope could use the litter box all on her own upon coming home, and she has given us no problems when we trim her nails and clean her ears. It is clear that she was raised very well before coming to us: she is a happy, healthy kitten! We could not have asked for a more perfect addition to our family.

We are glad that we decided to work with Jenelrex to bring our new Devon Rex into our lives. We were especially pleased with Jennifer’s willingness to work with our preference for a female kitten. At all points in the process of waiting for our kitten to be born and placed with us, Jennifer was responsive and kept us updated. She sent us many pictures in the period between when our kitten was born and when we picked her up. Upon arriving to get our new kitten, I was also impressed with Jennifer’s organized, clean cattery spaces, and with the wonderful personalities of all of her cats (kittens and adults included) who are outgoing and sweet-natured. It is obvious that Jennifer cares deeply for all of her cats and that she spends significant time socializing and training them to be quality family pets.

Thank you again, Jenelrex, for bringing Penelope into our family! She is adored already.

Jeff and Julia



September 17, 2016

Hi Jennifer,
I wanted to share these recent pictures of Penelope. She is growing so fast! Penelope has already made herself at home with us. She is so affectionate and is always by our side, whether she's snuggled up watching TV with us, playing with her cat toys in the living room, or keeping us company in the kitchen. We are grateful that Penelope has no issues using the litter box on her own, and she is well-behaved during grooming. Even our tiny dog loves her: she is so happy to have a friend her size! She is a truly wonderful addition to our family.

Best wishes,




September 14, 2016

Twins with their JennelRex Kitten!
Caren and her twin sister from North Jersey with their new JennelRex kitten.



September 5, 2016

Hi Jennifer,

Penelope has been cuddling us non-stop and purrs so much. She even falls asleep in our arms. We can tell you did a fantastic job raising and socializing our little Devon. She is so lovable and friendly, and the perfect addition to our family. She's a great snuggler but also energetic and wonderful to play with. Not to mention she is absolutely beautiful. We are so very lucky to be her pet parents. My husband and I (and Talulah, our dog) are so excited that she's ours!

When she's not exploring the house with our supervision she's enjoying her new kitten crate. Attached is a picture of her peeking out--she discovered how to climb the bars! She is eating and drinking well, and uses the litter box all on her own with no accidents.

Thank you for bringing the perfect cat into our lives. We look forward to spoiling her!




September 4, 2016

Hi Jennifer,

Penelope did great in the car! She slept in my arms the whole way. She's been playing with us all night and using her litter box all on her own. She's eating well and seems content. We love her so much--she is so affectionate and playful. We feel so lucky that she's ours!

Best wishes,
Jeff & Julia



September 4, 2016

Hi Jennifer!

Just a quick note to let you know Mendl is doing wonderfully and had a great two first nights home with us. I can't thank you enough for taking such excellent care of him, he's the sweetest most playful little one. It was so nice to meet you in person the other day, we'll definitely stay in touch!

Take care,

Another new owner picking up their new JennelRex kitten!



August 19, 2016

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks so much for taking so much time with us yesterday. Owen was thrilled and cannot wait to bring our kitten home. We discussed a few names but he hasn't settled on one yet. I've attached the pictures Scott took but they aren't very good. If you have a chance to take any pictures in the coming weeks, we would love to watch her grow. I know you're a busy lady though. :-)  Also, it was fun to chat with your husband for a few minutes when we left. You have a great family and wonderful kitties. Thanks for letting us have a little piece of it. :-)




August 10, 2016

Hi Jennifer,
I wanted to let you know that Shelby got home safe and her two brothers are in love with her. She sleeps next to me and Beau and has been eating like there is no tomorrow. She's already gained half a pound! It just amazes me how sweet all three of them are. They are so loving and have such wonderful personalities. Everyone that meets them falls in love. Thank you so much for trusting me with your babies. My life would not be complete without them.

Love and hugs,
Debra from North Carolina



August 7, 2016

Angel in her new forever home.



July 13, 2016

Hi Jennifer,
Milo got discharged this afternoon. I understand he was very popular at the vet's. They did a great job. Incision is about an inch & a half with all the stitches on the inside to dissolve. He's a new man!! Angel was so quiet when he was gone. I was getting a little concerned. When they saw each other there was one hiss & then the play started. I couldn't believe it. They loved playing together. You were right again!! April goes for her check tomorrow. Nothing like spending the week at the vet's!! They're already looking forward to seeing her. Hope all is well there.




July 10, 2016

If you give her a kitten, she becomes the best breeder in the world!

Ka-yung Wong



June 29, 2016

Hi Jennifer!

I hope you and all the kitties are doing well! I know it's been awhile since we last talked but it's because I have been having the best time with Kira. Not only is she the most beautiful little girl in the world but she is so well behaved, friendy and has adjusted to her new forever home wonderfully. You have been the most wonderful Mommy to her and all the hard work and dedication you have put into raising her shines through! Everyone from family, friends, veterinarian and the entire staff at her vet's office has fallen in love with her. You and her have changed my life and I am so forever grateful for that!!  I hope you have a great holiday weekend and enjoy your time with your babies!!

Love xoxo Bernice



June 11, 2016


I feel if I were not taking care of Susie I would be betraying your trust, so I try very hard. Funny - my mother said it is obvious that Susie was brought up by a "professional" - her manners are so good and she is so well behaved. Nigel - not as much.



June 8, 2016

Hi Jennifer,

I guess I forgot how much fun a kitten is. He just keeps us laughing with all his crazy antics. He is so full of energy. Lamps have been removed from end tables as they seem to be in the route of running. Lol!! Everything is a toy. He is so smart & always wants to be as high up as possible. Loves to be petted & loves to purr! I saw our pic on the website. A classic for sure!! It was such a fun day when we came to get him. Hope all is well.


Life with Milo



May 23, 2016

Hi Jennifer,

Sorry it's been a while since we met. My schedule has been insane, and I haven't really been in touch with anyone. I hardly have time to spend with my wife and daughter. Anyway, you came to mind, and I couldn't remember if I had contacted you since the day I picked up Sawyer. I had always meant to thank you again for him. His surgery went well, and he is doing great. My wife has a special bond with him. He's really special. Thank you again. I hope you and your family are well.

All the best,



May 12, 2016

Home safe! You were right...Kitty rode in the bed on my lap almost the whole way. He is precious. Has had some food, used the litter box & is playing with his toys Hubby thinks he's great. He already is using the cat tree. Thank you so much for your kindness & for breeding these special kitties. Will keep in touch.




May 10, 2016

Sir Oliver and Lady Adeline

Sir Oliver and Lady Adeline
Owned by Diane



April 20, 2016

Diane with her new JennelRex kitten.



April 20, 2016

Rachel and Austin with their new JennelRex kitten, York, PA

Rachel and Austin with their new JennelRex kitten



March 15, 2016

Hi Jennifer!

I sure hope you are doing well!
Hope you are having fun with the babies, too!
We are doing great here. Nola is unlike any cat I have ever had. So devoted and loyal! She follows me everywhere! She also is really comfortable with the house now and just runs every where and has so much fun! She plays with Penny’s toys! HA! Just wanted to check in and say hi!

Lots of love,
Jenny, Penny, Joey and Nola!



March 6, 2016

Hi Jennifer

Norton is adjusting well so far! He was a little timid yesterday but he has really opened up a lot since we first got him home. He loves to play. He climbs into our laps to snuggle too! We love him!
Thank you so much again for everything. We will keep in touch :)

Dana and Kyle



February 29, 2016

Jennifer - by letting me bring Susie into our lives you have made us so much happier and so much feeling like human beings with people who care about these cats and care about others - I am so grateful to you. I say Susie is a very important cat because she brought so much joy to so many people - but you are the most important cat mommy ever!




February 24, 2016

Hi Jennifer!!!

I hope you are doing well! Did your kittens show up yet? Things are awesome here! Nola is doing so great and runs and plays all over the house. She follows me around and lays on my lap all the time! I have never had a cat like her before!!! She is really funny and sweet!
Hope you're feeling better and having a great week!

Lots of love! 💞😻🐈
Jenny, Penny and Nola



February 23, 2016


What you maybe don't know is just how much I, and many others, who have given a place in their families to your kitties, appreciate you and what you do. You are a kitty midwife! Did anyone ever say that before? The definition of midwife from the dictionary is..."Midwives are professionals with expertise and skills in supporting healthy pregnancies, optimal births, and successful recoveries."

I am absolutely certain all of that is a LOT of work, but I think it's a "labor of love" for you. Devons are very special and so are you, so thank you!
Now don't let that pain return, enjoy your new babies (make Jim help you ;) and keep me posted on how it's all going.
XO from us all!



January 17, 2016


He really is the perfect pet.. Kinda half puppy half cat. I had a couple of my bros I ride with over last night. 12 real deal bikers. They are playing fetch with a cat in a sweater, Going hes so cute... Who does that? He walks up to a stranger with a toy in his mouth, drops it at their feet and stares at them.. Like lets go, play time Never seen a cat do that. Who wouldn't love that ? Even bath time, no biting, just rolls with it.. Hes not nutts about it but doesn't fight me at all. Hes on my lap right now.. I never understood the relationship between a pet and their owner.. If someone ever purposely hurt this cat, Id go nutts on them. Hes just the best. Yes, good breeding has to play a part here, no dought. No pet could adjust this fast without it. We will get another Devon sooner or later, Next time a girl.. Without a dought from you. Keep doing what you do. Always shows when someone loves what they do. I guess the saying that if you lave what you do, you never work a day in your life is true.

Bill Pearson



January 17, 2016

Thank you Jenn. With age comes wisdom and tenderness and you have exhibited both masterfully! Thank you for everything!!




 January 2, 2016

Hello Jennifer.,

Happy New Year. I wanted to send you a few pics of our first week with Angel and some of the things she had been enjoying: she loves to play in my hair, she is gentle with my granddaughter, she loves our furry blanket, she even loves and does good at her computer game.

We are enjoying her, and she is a fun, curious, loveable kitten. You do a wonderful job raising them, and I'm very happy we found you!!!




 January 2, 2016

I just read all the testimonials regarding your kittens. Did u pay those people? :). Seriously, it warmed my heart to be exposed to such unbridled joy. Must make u feel terrific.

Regards, Bill



December 27, 2015

Good morning Jennifer.
Angel is such a joy. She climbed into her bed last night and slept the night in there. First thing this morning she jumped up on our bed and wanted to play. She's eating fine and seems so well adjusted. I attribute that to the way you raise them. You are truly good at what you do, and I hope you realize how much joy you bring to those of us who love your kittens. (By the way, it was Angel who hit a button on my kindle making the words green, lol, not even sure how she did it.) Have a wonderful day, and I will keep in touch.




December 25, 2015

Wow that is truly amazing and rewarding!!

You seem like an amazing person and you definitely play a role in changing people's lives for the better. Thank you for being you!!

Merry Christmas!!




December 9, 2015

All is perfect here! I'm in cat heaven! The only time they aren't together is when we leave the house. Just waiting for little miss Addie to get bigger. They also roam free overnight too. They are THE best buddies! If Addie is laying with me on the couch, and Oliver lays in a cat bed, Addie's immediately leaves me for Oliver. That's fine. I'm SO happy and warms my heart so that they love each other's company. You should see Oliver's face when addie licks him. He sticks his head up in the air and you can tell it feels so good to him. She relaxes my little boy! Oliver always puts his "arm" around Addie when they lay together. I've never been so peaceful either! Thanks for your help through this process. Couldn't have done this without you!




 December 8, 2015

Jennifer, you have been so thoughtful and kind to us, opening your heart and your home to both of us and giving us an opportunity that so far no one else has been able to. Rod has had a little bit of sinus stuff but so mild he hasn't even had to medicate, and maybe with just one sweet furball at our house maybe it will be even less. I promise we will keep in touch even after Tonka comes to our house, lots of pictures and updates. I can't tell you how's my times I've looked at the pictures of him, he's so sweet and cute. We will love him and take very good care of him. I hope you and Jim have a wonderful holiday! We'll be in touch and I'll see you hopefully soon after the New Year to bring home our baby. Thank you for taking such good care of him, we love him so much already. You are a wonderful mommy to him too! Merriest of Christmas blessings to all of you and much love!

Lou and Rod


December 04, 2015

Hi Jennifer,

It' s been a while so I wanted to check in and update you on Bentley and Beau. I bless you every day for allowing me to adopt my boys. They are
both thriving and doing well. Beau thinks he is a dog and every time someone comes in the house he tries to jump in their arms and lick their
faces. He is the friendliest cat I have ever seen. Bentley is a little more shy but will eventually come out and watch. Both of them sleep with me at
night - Beau curled up next to me and Bentley curled up next to him. In the morning Beau wakes me up by snuggling in my arms and Bentley comes
running to be cuddled when I get out of bed. They make me laugh every day - they are always doing something new and their curiosity is awesome. They
are in perfect health - Beau's coat grew in almost immediately and they are getting wavier every day. It's difficult to put into words how happy they
make me. I hope all is well with you and I'm almost ready for another kitten.




December 2, 2015

I just wanted to let you know. We love him and he has brought such joy and fun. He has put on a bit of weight. He likes to eat. When I say eat, I mean from chips to chicken. Oliver loves food. He is now on a diet. Thinking maybe I may need a third Devon Rex. My other Rex is very tiny, weighs 4 pounds.

Thank you
Heather Carter



November 23, 2015

Here's a story for the books!
Damian was in our basement getting out our Christmas decorations and he pulled out his back, left out a yell and then laid on the floor to rest. Oliver (our sweet Devon Rex) comes running down, licks his face several times and then partially lays on Damian and partially beside him. Oliver laid there with Damian until he felt better to get up! You hear stories like this where animals want to protect their owners. Your sweet and brave Oliver just made us all proud!

Diane xoxoxo



November 15, 2015

Jennifer, you are the best kitty mommy ever! Thank you so much for bending your rules today and letting us come and meet the kitten! It was wonderful to see you again and all of your sweet girls. I believe his name will be Tonka.... My husband collects and loves toys so he's named after Tonka trucks and watching him today step all over his siblings so he could continue eating sure made it seem like a good name haha. I noticed he is the biggest kitten of the three, no lack of eating there....we appreciate all the time you took with us to answer our questions, we want to take good care of him and make sure he has a happy and healthy home ❤️🏡 I can promise he will be spoiled and have no lack of love or attention from either of us. I know both of us are looking forward to days coming home from work and playing with him and just enjoying the calmness of spirit that comes from petting a furry friend. We could both use that. I'll be in touch in the next couple of weeks so we can schedule another visit. I just adore him!!! Talk to you soon and thank you sooooooo much for everything. It was a blessing that you came into our lives .
Many hugs and much love,

Lou and Rod



November 12, 2015

Hi Jennifer,

Our beautiful Maggie was three years old yesterday , and I can't thank you enough for her! She is the perfect kitty, playful and loving. Hope you are well?

 Dana Haggerty



October 19, 2015

Hi Jennifer,

I hope you are doing well and I hope the kitties are doing well. I can just envision the fun they will be having in the other room.

My wife, Ellen and our son Ian were talking about the visit the other day and how mich they liked the kittens. I know you are expecting the new kittens to be born soon, but I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are to have been able to meet you and the wonderful Devons you raise.

Speak with you soon. Take care,

Matthew, Ellen and Ian



October 2, 2015

She is honestly my wife and I's best friend. I cannot say how much we appreciate the work you put into your cattery, it really shines through this lovely Devon Rex girl.




September 26, 2015

Hello from Oliver,
6 pounds of joy!!!!!!

We have a great bond..each morning I pick him up and we cuddle with kisses...and thru out the day. He loves being held like a baby and walk around the house. Of course there is the running in circles playing hide and seek.along with all his play toys. He loves all the clients and greets them when awake.

Hope all is well.




August 23, 2015

Hi Jennifer!

I just wanted to check in and tell you how well Bunny is growing. She is a sweet and gorgeous girl. She sleeps with me every night and lays on my lap when I work from home. Bunny has realized how fun it is to torment....I mean play....with our Labrador, Lucy, who is a great sport!! She also loves the kids and like it when my six year old cradles her like a baby!! She is absolutely everything we could ask for. Her coat is starting to grow in and it is simply beautiful! Attaching a few current pictures for your enjoyment. I hope your well! How are all of the cats and kittens treating you??

❤ Holly




July 21, 2015

I recently bought a kitten from Jennifer and can not speak more highly of her. I flew from Boston to PA to get her because there were not any responsible breeders in the NH that I could find that had any kittens. My kitten is healthy and has an awesome personality. Her first vet exam was perfect. I work at a veterinary clinic and am very particular on health testing etc. She is an affectionate, playful kitten. My next one will definitely be from Jennifer again. Her kittens are raised in a clean, loving home environment. I had no worries when I went to pick up my newest addition. I also got to see the 2 moms with kittens that she had. Everyone was well taken care of and healthy looking. No upper respiratory infections etc. .

Katie Morrill



June 23, 2015

Hi Jennifer,

I'll be sending you a new batch of pictures soon! Waffles continues to be a constant delight - she is so sweet and playful. She loves greeting us at the door when we come home, purring on our chests and shoulders while we work and hang out, and curling up to sleep with us at night.

I had two Devons growing up -- it's so clear that you've invested a ton of care and energy into raising healthy, happy, well-socialized kittens. Thank you so much and we're excited to share more pictures of Waffles with you soon!




June 20, 2015

 Holly and her new Jennel Rex kitten.



June 12, 2015

Hi Jennifer,

We can't thank you enough for our gorgeous "Bunny". She is everything we were looking for and more. Bunny fits perfectly into our home and hearts and we are very grateful.

It was wonderful getting to know you and your cats. You take such great care of them and it shows that they are loved from birth until they find their forever homes. Your mama cats are so social and sweet and I loved visiting and having them gather around to say hello and get loved on!!

We took Bunny to the vet last night for her exam and the doctor said that she is perfect....of course! The staff all fell in love with her and remarked how she's the cutest kitten ever!! I share their sentiments.

We'll keep in touch as she grows and send you lots of pictures of our dear Bunny girl.

❤ The DeWitt Family



June 8, 2015


How are you? I just want to send our love, hope everyone and kittens are well. I am also very proud of Ramen today, I know you will appreciate this story.

As you know, we take them to work every day. This morning, Ramen somehow got herself tangled up with the carrier's zipper. We had to get off the highway, find a parking lot to work on freeing her. I thought I would need to find a Home Depot and buy a cutter. Anyway, once she realized we are trying to help, she stayed really still and calm. I think this kind of trust between a pet and a owner is very rare.

Thanks for giving me such a sweet cat. (I often thought about those days when we were debating not to take her because we wanted a boy.:))




June 02, 2015

We recently adopted a beautiful, female Devon Rex kitten from JennelRex cattery. Our little one, named Zinnia, is curious, playful, sociable and most importantly healthy. She has brought joy and liveliness to our home and we are so blessed to have her come live with us. But like they say about chips, “You can’t have just one.” so I wish we had adopted one of her siblings at the same time. Keep that in mind should you be able to adopt from JennelRex.

Colistie H.



May 25, 2015

From: Amanda
Hi Jennifer,

We're great! Waffles has been readjusting to her new home so well - she's been using her litter box and ate her sift food yesterday! Waffles loves curling up on our tummies and purring.  .....And she loves snuggling with us! Attached is a picture of her after her first night in Brooklyn.

From: Jennifer

So I guess that I did a good job in raising her
Love u guys

From: Amanda
Good?! You did a WONDERFUL job!!! It's so clear that you raised her in a home full of love. We are so thankful for all the incredible work you do for your kittens and cats - and we're doing everything we can to continue your amazing work with Waffles :)



May 25, 2015


You are an amazing breeder with an unbelievable memory! It must be neat to track how these beautiful cats grow up and bring so much joy to many families such as mine! Mia has been the most loving and friendly cat I have ever had or met.

It is very exciting to have two mommies expecting. We would love a brother and sister to add to our family if there was that possibility, but would feel blessed with even one kitten. Please let me know what is possible and I can send in a deposit.

Thank you kindly!



May 23, 2015

Hi Jennifer,

We received your check in the mail today—which made me SAD that we are not getting a kitten from you. You are so reliable!

I will stay tuned to your website, though, in case you post anything for December or next summer. (Though I sure hope I find a couple of kittens by next summer!)

Thanks again,



April 13, 2015


I'm reaching out to see about a Rex that I could get for my mother. We have a little boy Rex who is almost 5 years old and has a personality unlike any other cat I've ever known. I've read about the breed and see the similarities that I have experience with my little guy, Iggy Rae. I would prefer a male for my mother, but I'm not opposed to a female. Let me know if you have anything available.

I bet you have so much fun breeding the Rex. They have such amazing personalities and love to interact and are extremely loyal companions. Must be good times for you :-)

J Gust



March 11, 2015

Hello Jennifer,

We are home the kitties traveled well and kept nice and warm in their new sweaters. They are having a great time playing and enjoying their new home. They are so much fun to watch it is non stop action. Thank you again, you do an amazing job breeding, raising and socializing top quality Devons, it was well worth the trip from San Diego.

Come out and see us soon.

Michael and Jamie Simpson



March 9, 2015

Hi Jennifer

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with you and we are both impressed on what excellent care you provide for your cats. The kittens did a little mewing in the car the boy is so cute he chirps. Little girl is the braver of the two they hid a bit behind the bed but I lured them out with their toy and they are now eating and exploring. Thank you again for everything.

Jamie Simpson



February 8, 2015


She's here and such a lil love. We are in love. She was up for like 20min when they first left then slept whole way home. They got home at 3 so wasn't too bad. She's doing great. Playing, eating, drinking and using the litter box. She slept thru the night. Played for 1.5 hrs this morning now She's napping with a blankie on my sons lap.  She's loving all the attention and we all feel so happy she's finally here.
Thank you for everything she's perfect!!!

Araujo family



January 31, 2015

 Joe and Shirley from New Jersey with their 2 new JennelRex kittens



January 13, 2015

Hey Jennifer,

Just droping a note to let you know Bobs doing fine. Hes about 8 lbs. and has grown up great. No issues at all. He gets a little nutts at night, but thats just cause he wants to play. He's a great pet, couldn't picture a day without the little guy. Karin and I spoil him rotten. He now has pretty much the run of the house, I think the only thing hes broken is a mini blind. Just wanted to let you know alls well and I hope alls well with you.

Bill Pearson.



January 12, 2015

Hi Jennifer,

I took Lexi to my vet today and as I expected he said she's a healthy and adorable Devon Rex kitten. Everyone on his staff took pictures of her, she's a real celebrity in Harleysville!!!!!

 Judy Anderson and sons from N J with their new little Jennel Rex kitten.

She's doing super, eating well, sleeping and LOVES to play. She's sleeping in bed with me at nite and kisses me before she goes to sleep and when she wakes...such a doll

Gotta run....heater man is here.




January 2, 2015

Things are going GREAT!! I can't believe how well she is adjusting! She's eating, peeing, pooping, sleeping & playing!! Unbelievable!!! She is ADORABLE!!!!

William Yuzynko



December 25, 2014

You are such a great breeder! We love you!

Aaron Daubert



December 24, 2014

 New kittens going to their new home in Mass
Jason and Connie Daily



December 10, 2014

Hi there!!

 I hope you don't mind me checking in again. With the holidays coming around, I've been making it a point to tell everyone who's played a part in my happiness, just how grateful I am for them.

That being said, THANK YOU, for giving me the most precious kitten I've ever had. She's turned my world around. If you ever need help finding a home for another kitten, please keep me in mind.

Happy holidays to you and yours!




November 17, 2014

Hi Jennifer,

Joe and I want to thank you for our visit last week. It was great to spend time with you and the wonderful kitties who happily are with you. We visit your web site each day and enjoy the pictures and messages from so many happy Devon owners. We can't wait to bring our own Devon to be a member of our family.

Shirley and Joe Howe (and son-in-law Steve)



September 22, 2014

We sit on our patio in the back of our house. We always made sure he was in the shade in the heat of the summer. Now that it's cooler, I make sure he gets to sit in the sun. I had him in the shade today and it was too cold, so I moved him in the sun. He lounged like the prince that he is! And oh yes.... He is the most curious, ornery little guy. That's what we love about him the most. He's silly, playful, cuddly, smart, intuitive, extremely lovable and we know every little quirk, eyes and ears movements.

This one time, just a few days ago, I was sitting on a chair and he was sitting at my feet looking up at me. I just kept talking to him, in the same tone, and saying things to him like how special he is to me, etc. This went on for several minutes. The entire time he didn't take his eyes off of me. While I was mid sentence, he stood on his hind legs and put his front paws on my legs. He then started to rub my face, not lick, just rub and rub at my mouth! I swear at that moment he understood everything I had just said to him! I love him so much (and so does Damian) that my heart is going to explode! Speaking of ornery... He loves to unroll our toilet paper...

Take care and let me know when that tail of yours starts growing!



September 16, 2014


She is the most loving cat I've ever owned. Very happy with her and she is blending well with her new family.




August 6, 2014

Sheldon is doing great. He so loves people. He's limiting himself to a couple of rooms, but is fine if we carry him into a new one. He is just like a baby; he runs around like a crazy kitty and then passes out asleep. We are having a ton of fun with him.

Thanks so much,



August 1, 2014

Congratulations to Shalimar, the future to be mom, as well as the human owners of all the new litters.

As the proud human parent of Gretel (Stacee's daughter) i can 100% attest to the fact that this is the most amazing kitten ever, and this is all thanks to the breeder. Rest assured future JennelRex kitten owners, your life be beyond fulfilled when you finally get to take your kitten home.




July 27, 2014

   Rick and Gia with their new baby Devon Rex kitten.



July 18, 2014

Hi Jennifer

   Another day, and Ozzy and the kids are happy happy happy! He has been
playing himself out! Plays plays plays then runs into his little house and
sleeps...then he's back for more! Kids are loving him...they were watching
a movie tonight, and Ozzy fell asleep in Greta's arms...then he got up and
played awhile and then fell asleep on Lila! He seems to be sticking to just
our kitchen/living room and bathroom right now...not venturing anywhere else
yet. He is eating and drinking a little more today...using the kitty litter
box, but no poops since he's gotten here (is that unusual? I'm just
assuming he is nervous/not comfortable yet) Ernie arrives home from China
in the middle of the night, we will let you know how it all goes! Hope you
aren't missing him too much, because I don't think my kids will let you have
him back!

Jennifer S.



July 3, 2014

Jennifer, Thank you for allowing us to visit last Friday. We are very excited and look forward to picking up KC sometime in August. Thank you also for all the goodies. We are so glad we found you when we were looking for a breeder. My friend who has a Cornish Rex is already talking about contacting you to get a kitten in the near future.

Thanks again,
Kathy and Rusty



May 27, 2014

Blackmans picking up their new Jennel Rex Kitten. TIGGER BLACKMAN
The Blackman family picking up her new Jennel Rex Kitten.

Hi, I am doing really well with my forever family they love me a ton and play all the time. I went to the dr and I am now 3 pounds 5 ounces. I look great. So handsome. I miss you and especially Sassy my mommy but I am very happy and so are my people. I hope you are doing well.
Hugs to you and all my cat friends there!



May 23, 2014

Congratulations to Shalimar, the future to be Devon Rex moms, as well as the human owners of all the new litters.

As the proud human parent of Gretel (Stacee's daughter) i can 100% attest to the fact that this is the most amazing kitten ever, and this is all thanks to the breeder. Rest assured future JennelRex kitten owners, your life WILL be beyond fulfilled when you finally get to take your kitten home.
Forever grateful to Jennifer!!!!!




May 21, 2014


 It is hard to believe AnnaBelle will be 16 weeks! Brian said to me the other night - Jennifer doesn't probably realize how much she (AnnaBelle) is loved. I am not sure she does much walking when we are awake. AnnaBelle is usually cuddled up by us or we are carrying her around (she is starting to do shoulder sitting). She is such a clown; while she is starting to slow down on the kitten antics, her new trick is somersaults. She will run at something, one of her sisters, a toy, and before she pounces, tuck her head and roll. She jumps out of nowhere. We haven't broken the chow hound in her though.

I have been stalking the page for kitten announcements! Congrats to Shalimar on her three perfect babies. The mainly white and brown tabby reminds me of my Charlette (the one with the pushed in face that you like). They are all gorgeous. Can't wait to see the impending litters. Love the two new girls too - Scarlett and Surprise. Charlette was originally suppose to be Scarlett, but didn't quite fit.

Hope you got some rest before the kittens came since you will be busy for awhile! Hope you and Jim are doing well. AnnaBelle says to make sure Sassy knows she is doing well ;)




April 30, 2014

The Schafers with JennelRex Frank and Beans. The Schafers with JennelRex Frank and Beans.

The Schafers with JennelRex Frank and Beans.



April 28, 2014

Hey Jennifer!

    I just wanted to let you know how Oliver's first long distance car trip went. We drove to visit my parents in Altoona last week. It was a 2 1/2 hour car ride. He was the best little boy!
    My mom and dad fell in love with him! But why not... He's the cutest thing ever! He was good therapy for my dad, who is in the middle stage of Alzheimer's. I haven't seen my dad smile like that for ages!
Jennifer, call me weird, BUT... Every time I look at Oliver or just think about him when I'm away from him, my stomach aches! I am so completely in love with that little guy! He is everything I had always wanted in a cat. He's is SO cuddly... Curls up with me all the time! Damian just smiles cause he sees how attached Oliver is to me and I him. He is so much more than just an animal. He is my little buddy, my daily companion! I love him so much I could burst!
    You are an amazing breeder! I brag about you to so many people! I sit and look at Oliver and he has all of the amazing features of the Devon, just perfectly. You have the right recipe.. I know that sounds weird but you have given me and so many people THE PERFECT kitties! I just wish I discovered this breed sooner.

Oh and also, Oliver likes me to rub his paws while hes falling asleep!

Take care, Diane. xoxoxo



April 20, 2014

I have done immense research on cat breeds and do believe I have found my feline of choice! I have been a dog owner at several points during my life, but I now feel that my lifestyle would be better suited by a cat....specifically a Devon! (In part, because of their "dog like" tendencies).

I have also done much research on Devon breeders and your's has risen to the top of all available. Great site, excellent, heartfelt and genuine testimonials! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

Rodney Barboza



April 15, 2014


Sam and Irene with their new JennelRex kitten.
Lititz, PA



April 15, 2014

Lea Deason and her parents with their new JennelRex kitten, Little Oliver.



April 6, 2014

You are so sweet and think of everything. I didn't know Blue was really blue. You are a great Mommy and we were lucky to find you. Seriously so excited.

Robin Blackman.



January 18, 2014


Elvis update: He is doing great! Getting so big and looks so regal! He likes to jump and sometimes he'll even walk on his hind legs like a bear. He is eating very well and eats both his wet and dry food. He loves to sleep all the way under the covers at our feet at night. We loooove him so much.

Jennifer D.



January 17, 2014


Dear Jennifer,

We are immensely enjoying our new purring, jumping, playing, snoozing, running, eating, cuddling and kissing member of our family. It’s only been 6 days but our little Gretel settled in nicely. The kids can’t get enough of her and we think she feels the same way about her new human siblings and parents. Gretel consistently uses her litter box(not one mistake), plays hard, sleeps hard , eats well, purrs(awesomely), sits on shoulders, sleeps peacefully in her basket or with us (mostly with us :). She also smells amazing - like vanilla.

Jennifer and Stacee - thank you so much for this wonderful, inquisitive, easy going, respectful, cheerful new member of our family.

With much love and appreciation,
Gary, Yana, Alec, Mack, Vika and Gretel



January 13, 2014

Another new family with their new kitten.



January 6, 2014

Jennifer and daughter with their new Devon Rex kitten.



January 1, 2014

What did you do today? I often wonder how ramens siblings are doing other than being adored and loved. I have to share this with you: she just sat on my lap while I played piano for almost 45 min. NONE of my pets ever did that despite I tried and wished. She watched my fingers bounced around on the keyboard without disturbing me which is NOT her at all. Then she curled up and went to sleep when I'm sure the vibration is loud. Oh I love this kitty cat. I just asked ka if I can get another one from you. He threw me a dirty look. Lol.



December 24, 2013

Benny Benny and Gil

Hi Jennifer,

I wanted to reach out to wish you Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from us and our devon kitty crew. Our new addition, Benny, is growing beautifully and has the most loving, feisty disposition. Benny and Gil are best buddies now, and we are delighted with our loves as a big devon happy family...but who knows...we may need another devon in the future!

Thank you again (and again) for the endless love that you have brought into our lives. Hope that you are feeling well, and wishing you the best in 2014.

Cara and Gabe, and the Devon boys, Gil and Benny



December 20, 2013


Miss Vannata from Bethlehem Pa with her new baby
Devon rex kitten From JennelRex Cattery



December 08, 2013


 You are absolutely one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Thank you so much for sending us these precious videos. My husband and kids will be home soon and I can't wait to show them the video of their new baby daughter /sister. I truly appreciate your love, devotion and kindness.

With much love, appreciation, devotion and respect.



December 02, 2013



Janet and Ka-Yung with their new
Devon Rex kitten Ramen and their dog Boo.



November 30, 2013


Hi Jennifer,
So far he is doing great! He used his litter box right when we got home last night. He has his own room and he did really well last night on his own. He is running around a lot and seams to be adapting very well, the little guy is very curious! I think he is taking well to me. Likes to nap on my shoulder close to my neck and purr till he falls asleep. Thanks for all your help and advice.
Boalsburg, PA



October 28, 2013


Hi Jennifer,
We had such a nice time on Saturday visiting with you and the cats and kittens. Thank you again for the beautiful print, you are so thoughtful.
I can't tell you how excited we are to have "Layla" in our home.
You're computer comments gave me a good laugh, I'm the same way. I was going to email you today with a link I had found for iPad troubleshooting,
but turning it off and back on again was easier that what the page was suggesting! You certainly are great at raising kittens, what a great set-up you
have. Very impressive. Thank you again for letting us visit.
Talk to you soon,



October 21, 2013


Well it's been just a few days since we brought Autumn home and she has quickly adapted to her new home. She's a wonderful addition to our family!!!
Thank you Jennifer !!! :)




September 13, 2013


Hi there!
As you can see - Oreo is loved to pieces. Josh asks me all the time when we can get another! LOL, I don't think I could handle another. He is the sweetest thing but he is so curious and into EVERYTHING. If you open a cabinet - it's a new place to explore, a string dangling from your jacket is obviously a new toy! He is such a social cat and MUST be included in everything. If we are out on the deck, he sits at the screen and cries until we come in. He loves to be with us which is exactly what we wanted. He keeps the days interesting for sure. He adores the kids which has been wonderful for the boys and he is the BEST cuddler! He and the dogs play, he's just been a great addition to our home. Thanks again!!! God luck with the new litter. Who knows - we may contact you someday to add to our family :)

- Melissa



September 13, 2013

Josh and his 2 new JennelRex kittens. One kitten is going to Grand Mom's house as a surprise.

- Melissa



September 4, 2013

Hi Jennifer,

Bindy is now 5 months old and she is doing wonderful! She has a delightful personality and there is never a dull moment in our home with her. She plays fetch, loves to snuggle and her most favorite thing to do is to perch on someone's shoulder. She is a sweet, loving and beautiful cat. We all love her so much! Thank you for the opportunity to have such a precious cat as part of our family. ~ Carolyn Blank



August 27, 2013

Yelena Nedzhvetsky of Maryland PA
and her 2nd JennelRex kitten.

Hello Jennifer,
Thank you for all pictures and videos you sent to me. Montmorency and Josie doing good, still I'm worry a bit but I'm just following your advice and watching them. If I see they playing ruff I making some loud noises and they stopping. Josie getting little better with her cold, we keeping giving her an antibiotics but she eats better now and more playful. I don't know if I will get the 3rd cat, not sure about that but maybe we will take a dog :) later, in few years, when we will buy a bigger house :). I'm just thinking you have a very hard job because all cats like children to you and then you have to deal with crazy people ( like me, for example ) who getting kittens from you. That's a very hard job! But thank you for doing it
With Love,



August 20, 2013


Robyn Gayheart (my adopted daughter from Indiana)
with 2 of her newest Devon Rex Kittens.



August 13, 2013


Hi Jennifer
Tucker is doing so good! No potty accidents, he doesn't get "in" his food but he sure is eating well. He is growing, he is climbing everything He is not afraid of much of anything. He loves playing with the monkey you sent home with him. I love him dearly! We do have one problem, he still wants to suckle at night on my neck, arms and hands. How can I get him to quit? He is keeping me up at night just getting him away. I don't want to keep him out of the bedroom, but it is disturbing my sleep. He is such a sweet boy, everyone who sees him thinks he is the cutest. ~ Kathy



August 13, 2013



Hi Jennifer,
Hope all is well. It's been a while since we picked up Lady Penelope from you on 5/29, (2 months and 4 days) and because of you, both our lives have changed for the best, Penelope is a little Angel, part dog, part cat, you have truly blessed us with her and we always think about how great you have been with us to allow us to care for this bundle of joy!!

Lady Penelope follows us around to every room, she jumps and plays all the time and just Loves taking trips in our car - see attached Pics. She is such a special kitten, just like you are such a special person, thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!!

With lots of Love!!
Herman & Heidi
Miami, Florida



August 2, 2013

Mr. and Mrs Dashem with their new baby Devon named Tucker 
Hi this is Mr. and Mrs Dashem of PA
with their new baby Devon, Tucker



August 2, 2013

Getting ready to take their 2 new baby Devon Rex kittens home  Getting ready to take their 2 new baby Devon Rex kittens home
Jeannie Ryan and her Mother getting ready to take their 2 new baby
Devon Rex kittens back home to Barryville, N Y



July 27, 2013

The Myaards with their 2 new Devon Rex kittens 
The Myaards from Ohio with their 2 new Devon Rex kittens.



July 21, 2013


Hi Jennifer - wanted to send along a video and recent photo. They are growing quickly and are very awesome. I took them to the vet again and they are very healthy. The vet wants one of them and I am going to pass your info to her.

Hope you're doing well.



July 15, 2013

Hi Jennifer,

I am so eager to bring another Devon baby into our lives. Gil is so wonderful, and we would love another baby soon!

I left you a message on Sunday to ask about leaving a deposit. I would love to get this baby for my husband, Gabe's birthday. Gabe is a veterinarian, and also best friends with Paul and Kara (both veterinarians that I referred to you and they have two devons from you). He would love a red or a white devon! Gil is a red baby, and boy, he is gorgeous!

Hopefully, this works out :) Hope all is well with you. You are always special to us for bringing such love in our lives!




July 15, 2013


Hi Jennifer

Dr. Rex turned 1 years old this month! Jillian insisted we take a family picture.
Attached is the picture.He loved his 2 minutes outside. We do keep him indoors.
He has been a wonderful addition to the family.
He loves to visit with my parents who live close by so we all spend a lot of time over there. Can't believe how big he has gotten.

Hope you are doing well.
smiles, Krissy



July 13, 2013

Thank you so much for letting us come and see my kitten. He is so adorable, I could hardly leave him. If I lived closer I would be at your house all the time! Your kitties are so well kept and friendly, I love it! I am so anxious to bring my kitty home, these next few weeks are going to take forever. I know you will take great care of him until I can bring him to his forever home. Thank you again for letting us come to your home to see my kitten.

Kathy Dashem



July 11, 2013

Robyn G flew in from Indiana to pick up her 3rd Devon Rex kitten.



June 25, 2013

Another JennelRex kitten going to their new home.



June 25, 2013

Another JennelRex kitten going to their new home.



June 07, 2013


Hello Jennifer,

I wanted to say hi, see how things are going with you, and let you know how Summer is doing. She has adjusted very well to her new home and pretty much runs the place. Naturally, she is very active and plays constantly, but also eats quite a lot for a little kitten and is quite a chatterbox when it's time to eat. She is absolutely a sweetheart, just as you said she would be. When I come home she runs up to me and then rolls over, but I didn't even teach her that, she just does it on her own. I've included some pictures, a couple of with Zowee.

Thank you again for another wonderful kitten. She's a bundle of energy and joy. All the best.




May 29, 2013


Hey Jennifer, just wanted to send you a picture of our little girl Moneypenny! She's very affectionate but can also be a little rascal trying to always get our attention. She's been eating well, growing, and climbed up our Mondo scratching post on her second day! She's also been using the litter box with no mistakes and got a clean bill of health from the vet. Thanks again so much, we love her!

Joon and Jon



April 08, 2013


Hi Jennifer,
    I wanted to give you an update on our cats. Pangur is growing rapidly and will soon be passing by Animal in terms of weight. He is even more fearless and gregarious than she is, playing with my parent's new puppy and my sister's 75lb golden-doodle when we visit with them. Animal is not scared of them and stands her ground but seems less inclined to play with them than he does. The two cats get along really well, playing together, sleeping curled up between Kara and myself, and they provide excellent company for one another when we are at work during the day.
    I also wanted to see what you had available in the near future as good friends of ours (who originally recommended you as a Devon breeder to us) are getting married next month and I know they have considered getting another Devon. Kara and I thought we might get them another kitten as a wedding present. I'm sure your litters are in as high demand as ever but if you have anything which might be available in the near future please let me know. My friend who is getting married is also a veterinarian in north NJ (I lived with him while we were in veterinary school) who has one of your devons at home with them now. Hope all is well and you've recovered from your surgery.

Paul S



March 30, 2013


Updated picture of Simba at 1 year old.
Have a Happy Easter, Jennifer.
Love, Mary



March 09, 2013


Hi, Jennifer:

I would have chosen the orange and white one, but I love my little one. Her name is Cleo. A lot of her new fur as she grows, at least for now, is coming in a beautiful charcoal gray. When I go to bed at night, she goes to bed at night, burrowing under all of the blankets to the foot of my bed, curling up around my legs and feet. It's amazing to me that she doesn't smother herself or get smushed. During the day, when she sleeps, she still uses the bed and blanket you sent, which is in the room in which I spend most of my day. My husband loves her




February 28, 2013


We are located in the Mt. Pocono area here in PA. We chose to contact you based on the testimonials from your site. It was obvious to us that your customers are very happy with your cats and you in particular. We look forward to speaking with you.




February 16, 2013

Hi Jennifer,

Just wanted to let you know that we had Rex at his first vet appointment yesterday. He received a clean bill of health and the vet confirmed that he is, in fact, a male. We were a bit early for his next vaccination, so he will go back again in a week or so for his shot and worming.

He is such a wonderful kitten! He is so sweet and well behaved. Follows us around the house and loves to play with everyone. After he tires himself out, he chooses a warm lap to snuggle up on. I will send you some new photos soon.

Thank you so much for starting him off right. We couldn't have asked for a better breeder!

Hope you're having a nice weekend,



February 11, 2013

Another JennelRex kitten going home with Holly Deluca from Maryland



January 27, 2013


Hi Jennifer,

Mia is everyone's best friend. The sweetest , most confident , and playful kitten . She is incredible with the kids and the grandparents. Always has to be in the middle of action and center of attention. We
attribute her Unbelievable demeanor to you and the love she received in
your home . Thank you soo much!

Love, The Espinozas



January, 2013

Another JennelRex Kitten going home with her new Mommy MaryAnn Lazer of Edgewater, Maryland



January 12, 2013


Arkles Family from Dresher PA and their new JennelRex kitten.



February 11, 2013


Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shubert along with their second JennelRex kitten.



January 10, 2013



I have forwarded you some more recent pictures of Animal (Kara is a big fan of the muppets hence her name).

Our little Animal has been fantastic since the day we brought her home. Whenever we are home she is in the room with us, trying to be involved in what we are doing. She sleeps with us, often curled up in between us or lying against my side with her head on my arm. She is vocal and amusing, calling for us when she is not sure where we are and even plays fetch with the felt mice which can now be found under pieces of furniture in most every room.
She travels well, meowing for attention for a few minutes in her carrier before curling up to fall asleep for the duration of the trip. She has not gotten carsick or sick in general for that matter in the time that we've had her. As I mentioned to you recently she tolerated her spay brilliantly, both under anesthesia and post-operatively and even didn't seem to mind the E-collar afterward.
I come across a lot of cats in my profession and both in the office and out, Devons are among the most (if not the most) engaging cats I have had the pleasure to interact with. Ours has so much personality and is such a joy that in the short half-year since we have had her I cannot imagine our house without her. We have even already decided to get another one for her to play with during the prolonged periods we are at work.
Thanks again for the care and effort you put into your cats. It certainly shows through in their natures.

Paul Schubert BVMS, BSc
Associate Veterinarian
Verona Animal Hospital
Montclair Animal Hospital



December 26, 2012

Hi Jennifer,

I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas. I just want to thank you for letting us visit. I am so impressed with the love and kindness you show all of your kitties! They were so sweet and welcoming. We are looking forward to bringing ours home in the weeks to come . Thanks a bunch!!!

Thanks again,
Dana, Bill and Ethan Haggerty



December 25, 2012

Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for getting back to me. I do not know which cats of yours were the mother and father to ours (I would have to check our records) but they both had the same parents, they are just from different litters.

I have included a couple of pics for you, I hope the file size isn’t too big. Unfortunately for most of the pics I have the file sizes are quite large so I’ll have to shrink them to send them along. In the pic with both of them in front of the window, the older one is in front and her name is Kaya. The younger one is in the back and is named Zowee. Kaya will be three in march and Zowee will be two in January. They get along very well together, and have been wonderful. The younger one is especially attached to me, and I must say she stole my heart the first day I saw her.

I would like to reserve a kitten. Preferably a girl. Please let me know the address to which I can send you a check for the deposit.

Thanks very much.



December 24, 2012

Hi Jennifer,

I'm looking for a white male devon. If you think there might be one in the new litter, I would like to put a deposit on him. I've heard many reputable things about you. :)

Thanks, Erin



December 22, 2012


Hi Jennifer,

I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and give you and update on Skimble. He had his second birthday in November... he's as goofy and comical as ever! :)  We moved from Hershey, PA to Boulder, Colorado this June. It's funny, Skimble was born in Denver, PA now he lives just outside of Denver, CO!
I've attached a photo of our boys. Skimble is the red one, Gus the white.
Hope all is well and we wish you a very happy holiday!

Kevin, Nicole, Gus and Skimble Stoneroad



November 29, 2012


Hi Jennifer,

Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Dr. Rex. He is doing great. And last night he was very excited when we broke out the Christmas
tree. Can't believe how fast he is growing. Everyone just loves him. He is spoiled like you wouldn't believe. My Mom comes over every day while I am at work. He is like a 3rd grandchild. The only problem we have had with him is he is getting on the kitchen counters.

Jillian keeps saying he needs a wife for Christmas so he can fall in love and have kids. But I assure her he is quite happy being a bachelor :)
So this Christmas there will just be toys under the tree for Rex.

Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with him.
smiles, Krissy



November 28, 2012

Jennifer -

I am not competing with you. I cannot. You are The Best Breeder. Your cats are fantastic, I still cannot believe I am so lucky to even have Susie, she is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen. I can love the cats, and I do, but I always tell Susie that mummy Jennifer loves her.

I apologize for the picture quality (I have a blackberry that does not take very good pictures, not like an i-phone) - this is Susie on her new pillow that I bought for her at a Christmas fair. The pillow is very soft and has some catnip, so she really likes it.

Susie lost some weight in a few months but she needs to lose more. She can clean herself, even her tail, but does not quite reach her butt. So I take her to the bathroom and we do some butt wiping, which she does not like too much. She is so smart - now when I put her down on the bathroom floor she know the cleaning is coming and tries to escape immediately, and she is fast!

Her coat is so beautiful and she really likes being brushed - much more than having her butt cleaned!



November 25, 2012

Vesper has been a wonderful addition to our family. I don't think there are words to say how much we appreciate you as a breeder. She is beautiful, well tempered, and very well behaved.

Thank You,
Brandon & Heidi Booher



October 24, 2012

Dan Hastings of California and his new baby Devons. He is so in love with these two both boys.

I'm so glad that everyone is doing great and getting their forever homes. The boys got neutered last week and they are recovering nicely. They are my little bundles of joy that brings me so much happiness and joy! My testimonial would be short and sweet.. You bring little angels into the world to make our lives more enjoyable! You do great work Jennifer! I would recommend anyone looking for a Devon Rex to come and visit you! I flew from California to get my babies and they are worth it tenfold!
All the best, Dan :-)



October 15, 2012

Hi Jenifer

We wanted to let you know how much we love Bodee. He is beautiful an has to be the friendliest kitty we ever had .As soon as we brought him home, he took over our house. He loves it here and plays , sleeps and eats. We are so happy with him and your help when you picked him out for us. Every one that sees him can't believe how friendly he is. We are taking him to the vet this Wednesday to get his last shot and a checkup .Again thank you.

Regards, Bill & Barbara Maloney ~ Lebanon, Pa



October 1, 2012


I just wanted to give you a quick update on Millie. The vet gave her a clean bill of health (in addition to her second round of shots) and she has been absolutely fantastic thus far. Her animated personality has truly been a great addition to our lives and we couldn't be happier with our decision to get a Devon Rex from your cattery. Thanks for everything, and I hope all is well.

Patrick & Blair



October, 2012

Pam of Ephrata, PA and her two new JennelRex kittens



September, 2012

Dunkin and Mantis


I can't believe Dunkin is almost 6 months old! He's turning out to be a gorgeous Devon!!!! He is so lovable and happy.




September 14, 2012

Hi Jennifer,

I just wanted to update you again on our boy Gil. He is so beautiful and loving. Gil brings so much love and happiness to my boyfriend, Gabe and I. You have brought such joy to our life! I can't believe it is almost Gil's first birthday!! I really think we may need to bring another devon into our lives soon :)!
We recommended you to our friends Paul and Kara, and they are so happy with the baby they just brought home from you! Thank you for everything.
Hope all is well with you! I attached a picture of Gil smelling flowers :)




September 13, 2012

Hi Jennifer

Jillian and Dr. Rex made this painting for Greg's birthday.
He really is the best cat. He let us dip his paw in paint.
Then was so good when it took forever to get all of the paint off.
We are enjoying him everyday. And he is living up to his name Dr. Rex he brings happiness to everyone who meets him.
smiles, Krissy



September 11, 2012

Pam of Ephrata, PA and one of her new JennelRex kittens



September 11, 2012


Thought I'd give you an update. The kitten is settling in really well. She used the litter box from day 1 and follows myself and Kara around the house. She is eating well and always playful. So far it seems she has a wonderful disposition. Attached is a picture of her curled up on my lap.


Dr Paul Schubert (NJ veterinarian) and wife with their JennelRex Devon kitten.


September 11, 2012

John Burke of Pennsylvania with his new JennelRex kitten. John recently lost his wonderful companion cat. His tears have now stopped flowing. He can get back into being happy again along with his new kitten.


September 06, 2012

Hi Jennifer!

Sorry I didn't call/email sooner - just wanted to give you a quick update about Louis (Angel and Sinbad's cream kitten we picked up on Saturday).

We brought him home in the carrier, and he snuggled in and slept right away. When we got home, we left him in the carrier and let Coco (Sherry and Ziggy's 2 yo kitten) check him out. She was NOT a fan! She was frozen at first, and then a mix of growls and hisses for the rest of the day. Only 24 hours later, they were playing and rolling around on the floor. Now she follows him everywhere... so cute to watch. It's amazing how quickly their relationship changed. I have to admit, I was a bit worried on day one!

He has been so fun to watch - such a different personality than Coco! He is bold and daring, and runs and plays all day. He has fallen for Steve, and I am soooo jealous! He runs to him and follows him all day. We got him one of those little hut's that you showed us (I think you had a pumpkin one) and he loves to snuggle in there. Coco is trying to steal it from him, though!!! He is currently jumping on my computer and helping me write this email :)

Steve took him to the vet, and he is in great health, aside from an umbilical hernia. The vet said we could wait on fixing it until he is neutered so he only has to undergo one surgery.

Anyway, I hope everything is going well with you! Thank-you again for raising such a handsome, wonderful kitten!

Lindsay & Steve


September 1, 2012

Dr Rex 

Krissy Karbett and her new Devon Rex kitten, Krissy named her kitten Dr. Rex



September 3, 2012

Andy Malkievich and family with their new Devon Rex kitten
Mechansburg PA


June 17, 2012

Nedzvetsky family
Vadim & Yelna Nedzvetsky and their new Devon Rex kitten Montmorency
on their way home to Maryland


April 22, 2012

Another JennelRex kitten going to his forever home with Stacy and Brian.
West Virginia

He's doing great! He's such a good little boy. He was perfect on the trip bak home, he sleeps in the bed u got him all the time. His favorite person his my husband, he lives to lay on his shoulder and sleep. Lol. The kids love him and our yorki dog and him get along great!! Couldn't ask for a better little boy, we love him!!!!! Thanks. Stacy


January 22, 2012

Dear Jennifer,

I just wanted to write a quick hello and let you know how Sunshine has accepted us as her family. True to the breed, Sunshine is a cuddler and always with one of us. She has learnt to come when called, especially for meals and she loves all of the children. She is still getting used to her canine family but has also managed to get our other, older cat to play with her. She is a brilliant little girl and we all love her to bits. She cuddles, she plays, she purrs, she snuggles, she kisses, she runs, she darts, she pounces, she sits on our shoulders (hence the name, Sunshine) and she is just a huge love bug.

We have also had a few people look at her funny (as people do, who are unfamiliar with the breed) and then threaten to steal her from us as she has stolen their hearts- also true to the breed. She is beautiful!

Kind regards,
Becky, Bob, Aiyana, Sora and Kaya


December 12, 2011

Here you go, Jennifer, a couple of pics, one watching the birds.

These two retired girls from your cattery, Sasha and Shanna, have added immeasurable joy to our home! Sasha has been with us for almost 3 years, and she will be 5 this week. Shanna is our new family member who is already 5. We missed their kittenhood, but you did such an awesome job raising them that we are extremely grateful. Plus, being Devon Rex kitties, we feel they still look and act like kittens! They are interactive, energetic, affectionate, healthy, and simply beautiful. Thank you for trusting us with your wonderful retired girls. We are grateful they have found their "forever home" with us!

Hugs to you all... Barbara



December, 2011

Anthony and Candace with their new Sphynx kitten
Anthony and Candace getting ready to take their new JennelRex kittens home.
Lancaster, PA



December 5, 2011

update on Jake

Hi Jennifer!

I just wanted to give you an update on Jake. He is in great health and very active. He has started to calm down a bit (thankfully) and is turning into more of a lovebug. Jake is always where the action is and follows around anyone who is busy doing something. He doesn't seem to mind wearing clothes at all, and is usually seen wearing a sweatshirt or sweater of somesort at all times. Thank you for such a wonderful kitty. He is everything I wanted and more. Aside from some initial cord chewing he has not damaged any of my apartment. Not going to be declawing him, but neutering coming in a few weeks! I attached a recent picture for you!

Thank you again!!

-Christopher Gras



December, 2011

Frank and Dolly with their new Sphynx kitten
Frank and Dolly with their new Sphynx kitten
Olney, PA



November 2, 2011

Skimbles 1st Birthday!

Our baby boy turns one today! So I thought I'd share a photo to show you how big he's gotten!

Kevin and Nicole Stoneroad
Hershey, PA


September 20, 2011

Greetings from Michigan:

I just received my copy of Cat Fancy and saw the Devon Rex at the bottom of the cover and, of course, opened it right up to that page. And I was totally delighted when I read your name in the interview. How totally cool!

Of course, it just made me miss my Devon baby all the more. Still waiting for my life style to settle down, but my time will come.

Best wishes to you and your beautiful Devon purrsons.
Sarah Carlson Torres


September 19, 2011

Steve and Kristine Sheets

2 JennelRex kittens going to there new home with their new Mommy and Daddy
Steve and Kristine Sheets of Ashburn, Virginia


September 19, 2011

James Pdeiffer

James Pdeiffer of Baltimore MD and his new JennelRex kitten.
Jim also has one of our Sphynx kittens.


August 5, 2011


I keep meaning to call you. I thought of it again tonight. I want to tell you that the kitten that I bought from you is the very, very best kitten I have ever owned! It is very obvious that you spend tons of time socializing your babies. I have never had a kitten that loves me so much. He thinks I'm his mother. He follows me everyplace, almost like a dog. 

When I came to pick him up, I was amazed and impressed at how you had the "kitten room" setup, just like a baby nursery. Your chair was set in the middle of the room so that you could watch the three cages. I don't even want to call them cages. They were kitty rooms! I love Potamus (as in hippo)! Thank you for loving your kittens!

I am so sorry about your daughter. My prayers are with you.

With great appreciation,
Toni Cavallaro


July 12, 2011

James Fleming of Bethlehem, Pa picking up their 2nd JennelRex Sphynx kitten

The Klapatch family of Pa with their new Sphynx kitten 'Riley'
who is going to keep their JennelRex Devon 'Jake' company.


Riley and Jake really like each other. Jake has been trilling like crazy when he’s with Riley. They both love to play, but we closely monitor them because Jake is so much bigger. There was a little more rubbing against each other today which is very good. 

Riley and Jake are well loved by the entire family! I am going to make some clothes for Riley very soon, too, because cooler weather will be here before we know it.

-- Kathy Klapatch


July 5, 2011

James Fleming of Bethlehem, Pa picking up their 2nd JennelRex Sphynx kitten

James Fleming of Bethlehem, Pa picking up their 2nd JennelRex Sphynx kitten.


July 3, 2011

Little Miss Fleming of Bethlehem, Pa and her new JennelRex Sphynx kitten

Little Miss Fleming of Bethlehem, Pa and her new JennelRex Sphynx kitten.


June 29, 2011

The Matthews family with there new JennelRex Sphynx kitten

The Matthews family of Mount Airy Pa with their new JennelRex Sphynx kitten.


June 22, 2011

Derrek Boyd and family with their new Sphynx kitten

Derrek Boyd and family of PA with their new Sphynx kitten.


June 8, 2011


Kathy, Ross and I really enjoyed the experience with you and your family of Rexes as we welcomed Bella into our lives. While we have always had cats, we’ve never had a Devon, and your advice on feeding, vet care, ear and eye care was most appreciated. Devon’s definitely require unique care and your instructions have been spot on. We also appreciate the caring nature and obvious love you have for your cats. We know that what you do is more than just a business, it’s a passion and we feel that we have a healthy, well adjusted kitten because of your care. Bella has pretty much taken over the house, loves to play and is constantly racing around and enticing our Siamese into playing in the cat cube or on the climbing tower. When she is ready to sleep, she climbs up on my shoulder and curls up around my neck as close she can get. Looking forward to a long, happy relationship with Bella, who knows, maybe we’ll visit you for a Sphynx some day! Take care.


June 7, 2011

Kim and friend of Souderton, PA picking up her new JennelRex kitten.


June 7, 2011

Leslie Womeldorf of Lititz, PA picking up her new JennelRex Kitten


June 2, 2011

Jennifer - We are so thrilled with our Devon "Sebastian Eric." From the moment we brought him home, he has been a wonderful addition to our family. He immediately took to the litter plan, ate well, and made himself at home. Our 5 year old Bella adores her new little friend. He is so loving and affectionate with her. We appreciate all of the excellent advice you gave us the day we picked him up. It is so evident that you care for your kittens with such love and attention. We thank you for all you have done to bring this little sweetheart into our lives. Everyone who visits wants to take him with them! We will send interested folks your way. You run a top notch cattery!

Karen, Jim and Bella Susko


May 31, 2011

Hi Jennifer,

We are so in love with our kittens. We have a profound understanding now as to why you do what you do. We could see when we were there how much those cats feed your soul. You truly are a great cat breeder and we are so impressed by you and your babies. GREAT JOB!!!!!!

Dawn and Cynthia 


May 29, 2011


Thank you for sending the picture of us picking up our little Harley. Things are going very well. I was so nervous about everything and I did not need to be at all. The four and half hour trip back to Syracuse went so smoothly you would have through Harley boy did it all the time. I put the seats down in the back of our car with a litter box on one side and a box with food and water on the other. He spent time checking out the back of the car then played with the toys you sent and eventually took a nap in the carrier. 

Thank-you Jennifer for everything. Your dedication and advice has helped make this a wonderful experience for us. We are off to the Vet next week. I have no doubt that Harley will pass with flying colors. 



May 27, 2011

Lori and Howard Rubin of PA and their 2 new JennelRex Kittens


May 27, 2011

Toni Cavallaro of New York and her new
JennelRex Chocolate Pointed blue eyed Devon


May 27, 2011

Another JennelRex kitten going to a new forever home!


May 11, 2011

Another Jennel Rex kitten going to his new forever home in Sellersville, Pennsylvania.


May 7, 2011

Dave Cone and his Mother drove here from Georgia to pick up his Jennel Rex kitten.


May 1, 2011

Lori Rubin and her new JennelRex kitten
Suburbs of Pa


May 1, 2011

Hello Jennifer!

Just wanted to let you know that the vet appointment yesterday went great. Mushu is in perfect condition (I can send you the chart if you'd like), the vet was very impressed! Thank you for giving us such a healthy, wonderful kitten. We all love him so much :)

Hope you're well!


April 24, 2011


Just wanted to update you: Made it home okay, Mushu (decided on that name :) ) didn't like being in the carrier too much so I took him out a couple of times and held him. I left out dry and canned food for him and water and he even used the litterbox once. Right now we're cuddled in bed and he's giving me little kisses :) He is adorable, so sweet and funny. Thank you so much for everything! I will keep you updated.


April 23, 2011

Happy Easter from Gus and Skimble
(and their parents, Nicole and Kevin Stoneroad, Hershey, PA)


April 4, 2011

Tanya and Brian picking up their 2 new JennelRex kittens.
 Wernersville Pa


March 1, 2011

Hello Jen

We just wanted to check in with you and send you some pictures of Kirra.

She is so loving and a perfect fit for our active, fun family. She cuddles between Matt and I every night (regardless of how small the space is!) and has formed fast friendships with my mom's two Yorkie Terriers, especially the young male, Mojo. Kirra is our little sweetheart, we could not picture our lives without her running around or following us everywhere we go. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to fall in love with such a beautiful little girl. Hope all is well with you and your family.

Love, Amber Sosnovik and Matt Gratacos


February 11, 2011


I am just writing to say that it was a pleasure meeting you, and your beautiful cats and kittens. Thank you for being such a great host; both Tony and I really enjoyed ourselves, and are very excited!

I am planning to come up to visit you sometime in March with my family, so I will let you know closer to the date. Also, I will write in a couple of weeks asking for pictures :)

Take care and keep in touch, and once again thank you!
- Alla


January 28, 2011

Client picking up their new JennelRex kitten



January 28, 2011

Gavi and her Daughter from Hershey PA picking up their new JennelRex kitten



January 28, 2011

Satisfied clients from New York picking up their new JennelRex Kitten



January 28, 2011

Clients picking up their JennelRex Kitten



January 28, 2011

Visitors to the JennelRex Cattery



December 28, 2010

Another JennelRex kitten going to his forever home with Bonnie and son Logan from up state Pennsylvania. They threaten to be back for a second JennelRex kitten! ;-)



December 19, 2010

Kevin and Monica Sine from New Jersey with their 2nd JennelRex kitten.



December 11, 2010

Hi Jennifer!

Attached are some new pictures of Beans. He is so much fun and sleeps under the covers with us every night! He loves to play fetch and hides his little mice all over the house. We got him a giant cat tree which he loves to climb and play in. Hope you enjoy the pictures and hope you are well!!

Lauren Schafer



December 08, 2010 

Hi Jen,

It was so nice to meet you! 
I feel like I should mention that Justin and I were talking about how physically fit all of your cats are. We realized while we were reading about kitty obesity that none of your cats that we met were overweight and that they all seemed very social and active. I just thought that was really neat.

So we went on Piper's first trip to the vet and he is perfect!!! The vet was actually impressed with how much I knew because of what you have told me and said that he couldn't ask for a healthier kitten.

Piper has already pushed his way beyond the boundaries we put up and is roaming the house at will during the day. He is the king of the castle and loves his new home. Plus he is a total cuddle bug, his favorite thing to do (other than trying to walk on my computer) is to curl up on my hip and refuse to move.... if I move him so I can stand up I am met with a look of abandonment that breaks my heart. He is the cutest thing!

I am so pleased that we found such a knowledgeable and loving breeder to buy our kitty from!

Praise Justin and Piper



December 7, 2010

Montgomery and Charlotte

Sorry I haven't had a chance to write to you sooner. We have been so busy - these kitties are keeping us on our toes!! Montgomery is so big now and so pretty. He is doing very well. Charlotte is just so sweet and petite and lovely. Our boys adore her.

Both Charlotte and Montgomery are such love bugs. They sit up on our shoulders and necks and cuddle in as close as they can get. They still sleep with us every night and Montgomery rubs his face all over mine when I get home from work. We are just so happy with them and our boys still tell me every day that they can't believe we have two Sphynx cats!

I will keep you posted with their progress. Have a Blessed Holiday and a Happy New Year.

Michelle & Brandon Ritchie



December 2, 2010

Happy customer with her 2 Sphynx kittens from JennelRex Cattery



November 12, 2010 

Hi Jennifer! 
First we wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed visiting and meeting all of your cats on Monday. They all have such wonderful, fun personalities! And of course, we're also wondering how Angel's litter is doing? They were SO tiny and absolutely adorable! We have decided that we're going to name our little red boy, "Skimble," after Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat, from Cat's the Musical. 
The next 10+ weeks can not go by fast enough, because Kevin and I are so excited to bring him home! The next time you've got your camera out, we'd love some photos of our little guy!
Thanks again for your letting us visit on Monday!

-Nicole & Kevin Stoneroad



November 11, 2010

Hi Jennifer,
I hope you enjoy this picture of Honeycomb among the Fall decor on Halloween. She is doing great and turning into a nice young lady. She is VERY playful, especially at bedtime, and loves to pounce on everyone.

Hope you are well!



October 05, 2010

Dear Jenni,
I wanted to finally send you some pictures of Honeybell enjoying her new tree, finally- it took a couple weeks.... It took awhile to get time to download them to computer so I could send them... she is great, very frisky and curious... She thinks she's one of the kids and has a very big vocabulary, understands many words... Loves the lactose free cat milk you can buy. She has become more verbal herself... caught a mouse in our basement and drowned it... eats stink bugs... and always sleeps cuddled up with someone... she usually gives my son and I split time... Hope you're well... and all the kittens are too.
Love, Esther, RJ and Ilena




September 29, 2010

Another JennelRex kitten going to the home of Nicole of New Jersey




September 11, 2010

Hi Jennifer
Christmas 2009 is long gone, and back then I wanted to update you with a picture of our beloved Jake but am only getting to it now. We celebrated his first birthday on August 8 with a chocolate cake and a present. I wanted to let you know he is doing so well and is simply such a cherished and loved family member. My husband, kids, and I simply adore him, and our “Beautiful Jake” gets so much love and attention from us. He is the sweetest little thing and loves to follow us around during the day when he’s not taking a catnap on his cat tree or sitting in a windowsill. We love him so!
He is such a people cat too. He eagerly anticipates us waking up in the morning, sometimes running into the room when he hears the kids getting out of bed or awaits me or my husband outside our bedroom door. He plops himself down, stretches, and awaits a little belly rub. He waits outside the shower for us, follows me around as I do housework, and enjoys watching the world from his cat tree that my friend made just for him. His favorite “friends” are the crows that caw loudly from our oak tree in our front yard. Jake is truly a wonderful, loving cat! We can’t imagine our life without this beautiful boy. You have such beautiful babies at JennelRex, and we frequently check out the website to look at the new little kittens!!! Thank you for our beautiful, loving Jake! Words cannot express how much we love this little boy. He even has his own Facebook page.

Kathleen Klapatch and Family




August 21, 2010

Hi Jen!! Just wanted to drop a line and say hello and tell you that Zoe has been such a wonderful addition to the family. She is a totally awesome cat. So affectionate and playful, and sooo smart. I'm amazed at how graceful she is. She is able to jump on top of the nightstand and walk among all of the bottles of lotion and other things that I keep up there and not knock anything over!!! LOL. It's as if she has it down to a science. I hope to get some recent pictures of her. I still can't figure out how to get a decent picture without that horrible "devil eye" thing that makes the cat look scary. LOL!! I noticed you now have Sphynxs on your website. We have one of those as well. Couldn't ask for two more wonderful breeds. I hope all is well with you and that you are feeling better, and you know when I am ready for another cat I will definitely be in touch with you. Thank you for Zoe!! She is a spoiled rotten little gremlin!!

Denese Schunk




June 08, 2010

Hi Jennifer,

Just wanted to let you know that Shayla is completely settled into her new home. She has an amazing personality - loving and cuddly, yet playful. She loves to sleep next to Kayla and be held in her arms. She's better than we could have imagined! The vet found her to be in perfect health and I did get the green form in the mail.

Kelly A. Gaughan




May 10, 2010 

Hello Jennifer,
Well I have been doing a lot of looking and emailing and honestly I have read your page the most. I am moved by all of your past clients and there stories. None of the other pages I saw had customer feedback. Your page and there stories impacted me so much. I had my boyfriend read your page as well and we both feel very good and confident about dealing with you directly. 

Our plans are to purchase two kittens at the same time perferably a white and black one like Sebastian and Minnie on the 9/28/09 client story. I am going to keep you posted in the coming months and set up some time to come there and see the cattery and meet you . Thank you again for your help.

Chat with you later,




May 04, 2010 

Dear Jennifer

We are finally getting a chance to thank you both for allowing myself and Candice into your home to meet your beautiful family members, WOW what an experience. I hope you keep us in mind for one of your kittens (hopefully we are ready sooner rather than later) Candice is very specific about Sherri's litter, I'd be happy with a match that you feel would be best for us both. 

Jennifer I LOVE your two SPHYNX's. I have never seen a mammal of such beauty and personality up close like I did at your house before. I tell everyone at my job about them. I promised myself that one day in my lifetime I will surely make it my business to love a sphynx kitten in my own home one day.

You and Jim are very special in this world we live in. You both are fortunate to have met one another and your story is captivating. That day, years ago, when Jim pushed his relief aside and hopped on that plane to Texas during the flood only to bring back your happiness touched my heart. That story ensures me that you both are very special and so is your love for one another.

Anthony & Candice




Hi Jennifer,

Wow, how exciting. I was just browsing your site and I saw about your hybrids. I had never heard of them, so I thought I would ask. I love looking at your site! And I am glad you are having such success. You have been breeding for quite some time now. It shows what a great program you have. Cosmo and Kramer are doing so well. What great boys. We love them so much, they are so special. They have been very healthy, knock on wood. The only time that Cosmo has gotten sick was when he has gotten into things he shouldn't. He is really sneaky. Last week he was sneaking up on the top of the refrigerator where we keep the dogs bowl of food. I thought I had it blocked so he couldn't get it, but it wasn't the case. I finally figured it out when he was throwing up. He is fine now and the food is in a safe spot.

My fiancé Warnell (he proposed in November), and I just became foster parents. She is almost 6 months old, but was born 4 months early. She was released from the hospital to us on December 18th. She was 4 pounds. She is 8lbs now. The pets are fabulous with her.

Congratulations again on your successful breeding program! Your babies are so gorgeous. I love looking at them and have to force myself not to call and put down a deposit! LOL. I hope one day to have another of your Devons and one of your Sphynx ( I would like a dark colored one-so cool!)

Are you on facebook?




Sally, a new Devon owner with her kitten and Jennifer,
owner of JennelRex Cattery.

Hi Jennifer,

The vet was today. Definitely a hit with everyone. Statistics are good and healthy at 1.4 lbs. She is totally in love with the blanket you sent home with her and seems happiest snuggled in that. What kind of detergent and softener do you use.? Thought I might be able to recreate the smell. She's doing the devon chirping with loud meows when feeling like she needs to find me or she's wanting what I'm eating and wanting to share. She's positively almost aggressive when she thinks there's something she likes. Ice cream is one: broiled salmon another. So far.... I think it's healthier for her to eat her kitty food which she eats very vigorously and eagerly. If I have sweat pants on she just climbs up and seem to like sitting on my shoulder. I just let her have a little of the people food.
I didn't realize she even knew where her litter box was and I have been taking her regularly. Last night she suddenly leapt off the bed about 4 ft to the floor and scampered 100 mph down the hall to get to the litter box. What a mensch (if that's the correct spelling)! 
I also enjoyed my visit with you and it did feel like family. I'll have to bring her for a visit when she gets a bit older and the weather's warmer.
Hugs, Sally




December 31, 2009 
Hi Jennifer, Jim & your beautiful cats, 

Harley is doing very well, he has adjusted amazingly within our home! The first day, he was very tired from the trip & in one of the photos - you'll see him all wrapped up in his blanket on my lap, while I was on my computer. He was extremely lovey, dovey that day & throughout the night! The next day, he spent exploring every nich & corner and little by little easing his way to Hoochie Man. You are right - he LOVES to play fetch, he'll do it as long as we will... Our home has not been baby proofed since Lea Lyn (our granddaughter) was born (May 2007) BUT little by little, we are finding that Harley Boy is loving so many "NO NO'S"!!!!!! WE JUST LOVE HIM SO VERY MUCH.....Yesterday, he took over Hoochie Man's - top of a cushy chair with Hoochie's blanket on it. Hoochie meowed loudly at Harley, so he got down & put him on the back of our cushy couch on his own blanket, plus I had a light on behind the couch & he liked the warmth. They are so funny to watch because one will take over the others things & back & forth!! The other thing he loves to do is be Mommy's helper! I was dusting the bedroom, yesterday & he was trying to help any way he could, by grabbing the rag or just watching the rag go back & forth! Whenever I go to the bathroom, he jumps into the tub & plays with a toy I put in there, just for those bathroom times. He sits outside the shower & waits for me to finish - crying his little cries! He has different sounds, some are so faint & some sounds like he is talking. I feel sorry for you that you miss him so much, boy I would miss him, too. He is just one of a kind, I am so grateful that the lady from Denmark could not take him but I do feel bad for her, also.

Lyn, Mike, Hoochie Man & Harley Boy




Monday, 9/28/09 
Hi Jennifer,

It has been some time since we've been in touch. Thought I would take a couple of minutes to connect with you via e-mail. Sebastian is doing g-r-e-a-t! although I must admit he has packed on a few pounds. He is solid & muscular. When I look at Minnie & Sebastian side by side, she looks sooooo tiny by comparison. Both Minnie & Sebastian are eating a grain-free kibble. Minnie, I supplement with small amounts of wet food from time to time. Sebastian notoriously turns his nose up at ANY wet food & walks right on by it.

While I do not have the litter box system like you have, I did invest in an automated cleaning Litter Robot II system. At first ONLY Sebastian was daring enough to try it out -- he loves it & used it from the first day. It took Minnie 5 months before she decided to even poke her head in there (she has some issue with anything "over" her head ?). After another month went by before Minnie actually stepped foot inside. Now, I am so happy to report both cats use the Litter Robot, exclusively. Makes my life a bit easier.

Sebastian & Minnie have become "best buddies". Minnie grooms Sebastian & he is eager to let her do it. However, Sebastian does not reciprocate. He is quite content being pampered. He is my #1 "look out" cat. Any noise in the house, from outside, the road etc. -- he is quick to listen in the direction of the sound. His ears perk up like radar! He even listens for my car to enter the driveway and he's instantly in the picture window greeting me with a couple of "meows". By the time I unlock the front door, he is right there with Minnie to greet me.
Hope all is well with you and your furry family, too.
Barbara Delviscio



Having Sasha come into our family was wonderful. She is very affectionate and enjoys settling into my lap while watching TV. She sleeps on our bed, and it's so nice to feel her little warm body snuggled up next to us there. It's very funny to watch her Devon antics when she decides she has some energy to spare. Tossing and retrieving her little furry mice toys make it easy to see she is happy and was well socialized in your home. She spends a great deal of time on our screened-in porch where she watches the birds and squirrels at our backyard bird feeders. We love her very much -- thank you for all you did to give her such a great start in life. She's my "heart kitty" for sure!
Hugs from us both,



Another Jennel Rex kitten going to its' new home with
Sandra Jansson and family in Litiz, PA




Another JennelRex kitten going to its' new home with its' new parents,
Jeremy and Chelsea Abraham of Medina Ohio




Another JennelRex kitten going to her new home with her new family,
the Womeldorf's to reside in Litiz, Pa




Another Happy couple with their new JennelRex Kitten!




Hi Jennifer!

Sorry this took me so long. How is your family doing? I looked at your website the other day. I guess you have a new batch of kittens out of Sowee. How many did she have? Is Ziggy their dad? What are Shaggy and Shelby’s littermates up to? Are their parents keeping in better contact than I am?

I have been beyond tired. So thankful to have my little babies here to keep me company when I don’t even think I can make it off the couch. They are just precious, precious, precious. Of course I get up to feed them (and Rick too.) They never let me forget about that! I can’t believe they are going to be 6 months old this week. Shaggy is still my boy but now Shelby often curls up with me or sits in my computer chair alone. Rick is a bit unhappy about this turn of events but I keep telling him that they will settle again when they get a little older. 

Shaggy did give me a scare one day when he ran out the door as Rick was putting boxes in the truck for me to take to the recycling place. I screamed and Rick dropped the boxes to grab him. Shaggy was so surprised that the stone was so cold that he stopped in one place and I got there first and brought him back in. He only made it about two steps out the door but I almost had a heart attack! Fortunately there haven’t been any incidents since then. Shelby is still Ms. Adventuresome. She gets into anything she can. They both have taken to running into the closet anytime they can and climbing up on the hangers! I’ll have to get it on video.

Here is a recent picture of the kids. They are in their cat tree by the window. Both were looking for once! They love to look out there and see the birds in the tree on the left or watch deer go by in the woods on the right (this picture was at night though) on January 19th. Shaggy is on top and Shelby is in “the tissue box” as we like to call it. I’ll send you a few more of my favorites.

Take care,


December 28, 2008

Hi Jennifer, 

Just wanted to let you know that our 2 babies are doing fine. There was no problem with either one. You would have thought they lived here all their life. They are the sweetest things. They sit on my chest every night and watch TV and then they have to sleep all snuggled up in my bed , warm as toast. I am so happy with them. You are a wonderful breeder and raise your kittens to be a delight . I have not sent Xoie papers in because I am thinking of breeding her. When I make up my mind , I will send the papers back with the money for breeding rights. We will have to make a trip over the mountains to breed her but it will be fun to see you again. Merry Christmas and thank you so much for these 2 wonderful bundles of joy. I have pictures but I am having trouble down loading them. Will send them in a day or 2.

Happy Holidays, Love, Ginny


September 28, 2008

Hi Jennifer, 

Magic is doing just GREAT. He is even getting along very well with his new sister Snow already. He went to the vet yesterday and got a checkup, which he passed with flying colors! I think right now he's napping, but he'll be up soon I'm sure to continue to play in his new cat trees or get another bite to eat. We'll be sending you some pics soon of Magic with his new sister Snow. And NO PROBLEM, we can surely wash up and return your pillow case by mail. We'll get that out to you right away. Thank you for lending us the pillow case. He laid on that during his ride home and for the first couple of days that he was here. I'm sure that helped to ease his stress.

Thanks again for a VERY Handsome Mr. Magic. He's a real pleasure to have around. Talk to you soon.

Kevin & Monica


September 21, 2008


Cameo is by far the sweetest, friendliest, loving, pet we could ever ask for. He loves to be held on his back, then he likes to lay back and look and the world upside down. We love him. He must get his sweetness from his sweet, beautiful Mother. Take care.....can't wait to get another from U. (Think I'm only allowed 1 more!)
Honestly, if I'd found U sooner.....I'd ONLY have your Devon's for my pets....like having a dog, cat, baby, and a money all rolled into one beautiful (non-shedding) pet. : )

We have a full sized screen door....it's his favorite place to people/pet watch. He greets everyone like a dog. : ) Hope u like the latest pic of handsome Cameo. As u can see no need to worry if he's eating well....lol His coat is so soft and getting wavy. PLEASE let me know if u will be getting any white odd eyed or blue eyed little ones. Take care. Thanks for the best pet we could ask for!!! Regards to your husband.



August 7, 2008

Hi Jennifer,

As expected, Sebastian was a good boy at the vet yesterday and came away with a clean bill of health. He weighed 7.03 lbs. and woo'ed the hearts of the entire vet's office including the vet, the vet tech and the receptionist, too! Now, I can register Sebastian as an official New Jersey resident . . . I'm going to Town Hall this afternoon to pick up his license -- since he has his rabies shot.

Sebastian and Minnie are continuing their "get-to-know" each other stage. When Minnie is NOT thinking about him, she is just fine. But when Sebastian reacts to something Minnie did . . . Sebastian bounds over to play with her . . . that is when Minnie "thinks" she's being confronted and a mini hiss comes out of her mouth. I'm surprised Sebastian even hears her sometimes . . . Minnie has such a tiny voice.

Sebastian enjoys the climbing/scratching post tree and the large picture window window sill to bask in the sun. Last night, Sebastian was batting around a little, green stuffed mouse we had and then he went to running around the house with the mouse in his mouth. I wondered why he was jutting from here to there . . . then I saw the play toy.  Looks like Sebastian is making himself at home, quite nicely. Just thought I'd let you know how Sebastian is making out.
Take care,


Hi Jen:
Our girl, Ellie, escaped from my yard a few weeks ago (scaled 6 foot walls) and had a bit of an adventure. So now she only goes out with a harness and leash. Attached is a picture of her enjoying the patio table.

You have to click on the attachment to see it screen size. I don't know why they are oversized when I send them by email.


Hi Jennifer,
Just wanted to thank you for Scooter, now called Mr Jones, the office manager. He is very much into the computer, and loves reading the Wall Street Journal. He has a lovely 3 story condo with a view of the golf course and all the alluring birds that fly by. When he is not at “work” he enjoys ping pong in the bathtub and his cat dancer. He is also the life of the party and not afraid to entertain us with his songs or his acrobatic talents. 

Mr Jones is a wonderful addition to our family, and we know it is because of the love he had from you in his early months. Enjoy the photo! I tried to include more but the server rejected the email.

Elaine & Don Johnson


Lorraine and Katie (2 year old JennelRex female) came from Louisiana to Lancaster for a visit.



Hi Jen,

Hope all is well. You never said if you like his new name Cameo? I hope u do....his color makes him blend into everything...we look for him, but he's always right near us blending into the walls or carpet. He's really becoming a big boy. We bought a new cat tree & we also nailed on a play tree to the top, it has lots of toys and textures to play with, cause this little guy is VERY playful and we want him to be able to have fun and get lots of exercise.
Talk to u soon....Darlene : )


Hi Jennifer,

How is everything there? I wanted to let you know Fiona....we renamed her Bootsie. We always call her our "Little Bootsie" and since she knew that more than Fiona we changed her name. Bootsie was my mom who passed at a young age from Breast Cancer. Bootsie the kitty is so beautiful. I adore her. Her waves are really coming in now. She has the loviest and best personality. She is really a spectaular looking cat. She also kept her green eyes...she would win any show ring. Keep me posted on what is going on on your neck of the woods.
Nicole Mullen


New owners of Jennel Rex kittens. Debbie Cummings and Faith Sheppard of New Jersey. Debby is a 1st time Devon owner, and Faith is a third time owner of a JennelRex kitten.



Hi Jennifer,

Just wanted to give you an update on your little Boston girl. She's doing very well these days. Her cherry eye has been taken care of and we've scheduled her spaying for 2 weeks (so she'll be over 5 months). We weighed her a week ago and she was 4.5 pounds. She really enjoys playing and spends hours fetching her favorite "Love" bear. We've added many more toys but she seems to favor her original stuffed animals that you sent with her. Her disposition is great and we really couldn't ask for a better kitty. She spends her nights curled up next to us in bed. She's eating fine and our Vet says she's very healthy. We'll continue to update you and forward pictures as she gets older.
Alicia, Mike & Tegan


Dear Jennifer, Thank you again for the beautiful baby Devon Rex that my Mom named Snowy> The picture above was taken on Christmas Eve. My Parents are so enjoying Snowy's company. He is really very special. My Mother sends her thanks. Her English is not very good, but I told her to let me know if she has any questions about her new kitten. I hope you had a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year. Snowy is the most special kitten ever, thank you again so very much for this special little Devon boy. Sincerely Zinnia Piotrawski. daughter she bought the kitten for her Mom for Christmas New owners in the picture Sun and Yong Cho


Hi Jen,
We absolutely love our little Devons. Cali and Licorice are the sweetest little girls. They didn't care for each other at first but now there are best buddies. If they aren't in the same room together, they're looking for each other. They eat together, they play together, they sleep together. They love each other and we are in love with them. They have the best personalities and I would recommend that everyone who wants a Devon Rex come to you. They were so well adjusted and took to our home just like they were always there. They are loads of fun to watch and play with. They run, they fetch, they jump high, they do it all! Cali and Licorice bring us so much love and joy. We love them to pieces! Thanks for breeding such wonderful loving cats! Much love to you & Jim.
Faith and Nancy


Dear Jen,

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience - dealing with a breeder from a distance. You were very nice and so helpful. And after living with Tinkerbell I knew that I wanted to deal only with you for future 'babies'. So, therefore, when I got a second one a few months later I went to you again.

I previously had 2 Devon Rexes and they were wonderful, loving and just amazing little creatures. But your kittens are even more loving and sweet. The environment in which your's are raised (Tinks is here helping me type right now) is wonderful. The kittens get a lot of human interaction and they thrive on it.

I just love my girls and I wanted to thank you for sharing them with me.

Sharon Merritt



Hi Jen, hope all is well. Just wanted you to know, I think of you often. Nyima is the most loving and beautiful animal on earth. She has her way of showing an undying affection for me, and anyone else who touches her life. She is very loved!! Take care, Anne



Two new JennelRex kittens in the happy home of
Robin and David Mattheiss of Lutherville Md.



Dear Jen,
There's nothing nicer than a loving kitty in a loving home. We feel so fortunate that your path crossed ours. Here are a couple pics for now but we'll send more when we can, including some pics of our son looking at the pictures on the computer for the first time. It was priceless!
Thanks again.
Dave & Robin


A JennelRex Kitten in the home of Heather Kilroy

Happy Holidays, Jennifer!! 
Rudy is in excellent health, and a real delight to spend time with. He and our dog, Puzzle are best friends and they love to play together. Rudy washes her face for her and then starts their wrestling matches by biting Puzzle in the armpit! Puzzie is very gentle with Rudy and knows he is much smaller than she is. He still loves to suckle on my earlobe and will come and lay on my head every morning before we get out of bed to do so. He is very well loved and very very happy here! Hope all is well for you and yours. The pictures on your website are beautiful, you've helped pair some gorgeous kittens with some happy 

All the best, 


Hi Jen, I just wanted to let you know that ozzy is doing very well. He sleeps with us every night. Funny, if Tracy or I wake up, first thing we do is look to see where Ozzy is sleeping in the bed. Hes a sound sleeper. Sometimes we need to pick him up and move him between the two of us. Does he ever like to run full force throughout the house... look out! He runs so fast that he does a sliding turn to go the other direction. We have to watch when going outside, he darts for the door and is he ever quick!

Talk to ya soon..... Steve


Hello Jennifer,

For a little cat, Mr. Roy has a huge personality. Loads of energy and 
very social. Quite a flirt! He likes to arch his body and look at people 
upside down while he is being held. He is careful not to use his claws when he
plays with us and surprises us with his balance and dexterity. He jumps
like a kangaroo and looks into our eyes and pats our face like a chimpanzee.
We have never known a cat quite like Roy! He's a really good eater and 
has been a champ with the kitty box. Thank you for keeping in touch with us
Jennifer. He seems to know when you call and will scamper around me with 
a toy in his mouth when I'm on the phone with you!
Deborah B. McCarthy



Ozzy is doing great! He sleeps most of the day while we are at work, He climbed up to the highest level of his cat tree last evening, hung upside down to play with the toy attached to the bottom of the highest level, and then took a nap there for half-hour. He has discovered the wands with the string and feather at the ends. He likes to take the wands out of his basket of toys, and carries the wands around the house, dragging the string and feathers behind him! He twitters and purrs when he sees us, and just makes all types of noises while playing. He is very vocal and noisy. He has played fetch with his mouse each day at lunch time. He loves to sleep on our couch, on the four overstuffed black pillows that decorate it. He just made himself at home on the pillow and stretches out for naps, with all four feet in the air and belly up, or curled into a round ball. We do make sure he gets enough rest in between his play times. He is eating well and using the litter box since the first day we brought him home. We feed him wet food three times a day, and leave the dry food out all the time, along with fresh water. We love watching him discover and learn new things every day. He is so much fun to watch. He sleeps in bed with us and has done really good. Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to have him. He is wonderful.



Diana Jepson & family members
Mechanicville, NY - 3 JennelRex kittens


Pippin in his new home

Dear Mrs. Slotterback,
Thank you again for speaking with me about Pippin. I really appreciated having the benefit of your expertise. I also just wanted to thank you again for giving me such a sweet and loving little kitty. We have plenty of conversations as he loves to talk, and he's my little doggie-kitty. When I come home from work, he peeks out the window and greets me at the door. Everybody who meets him loves him to pieces.


Hey Jennifer, 

We got your message this morning. Kristy is on a deadline for this evening so she's pretty tied up for the day... Thought I'd drop you a line. The boy is doing great. He cried a bit when we first got in the car, but he soon settled down and fell asleep in Kristy's lap. We got him home and he explored like crazy... A little skittish at first, but he's right at home now. He knows his litter pan, knows where bed is, knows where food is and even slept right next to my laptop when I worked yesterday. We're having someone over soon to take some pictures and we'll send you them soon. We have an appointment at the vet tomorrow afternoon and hope to go christmas shopping for him a little this weekend. We have to find a really good tunnel for him... He really does love that. Take care and thank you for everything. It was a pleasure to meet you and we're so happy to have gotten our kitty from someone so caring and informed. We'll talk soon. Take care -- Adam and Kristy



Sharon and John Humphrey's of Millersville, Pa
with Lady and Rainbow


Champion Sporty Orty - Chocolate McTabby and White
...in his new home
"Without a doubt, he is the BEST pet I've ever had in my life. If and when Zach and I finally get into a house again, we'll be looking to get him a playmate. They are just darling animals with such an unbelievable personality. He's part of the family. We'd be lost without him. When Zach is at his dad's, Sporty keeps me company and on lazy afternoons, he curls up in my lap and we read (I try to read while he tries to turn the pages). I am sooo glad that we have him."  Love, Holly

Cirrus - another JennelRex Kitten.


Jen, Here's a couple of recent pictures. When they say Devons have a wonderful personality with people AND other pets, they're not kidding. I have to tell you that his very most best friend is actually our little Jack Russell puppy Pogo. They sleep together in our bed every night, play together all day, and even eat together. WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH. ~ Suzi Cook


Two JennelRex kittens, in the home of Sara Vandenberg


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